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Topic started by Psychotic on 29 Jul 2016 13:12:13

New Ideas For The Game?

I Know We Allready Have A Post Like This But With Over 800 Comments Its Abit Hard To Read Through It All, So I Thought I Would Make This Topic For Any Ideas The Players Now Have, So Let Your Ideas Fly

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31 Jul 2016 22:23:27, Kenzie
Different ways to gain prestige/hp without having to attack someone
30 Jul 2016 00:15:42, Ralph
Give us the ability to consume the drugs we buy.
29 Jul 2016 20:12:27, Caliber
Take Missions off the Crime Tab and off the achievements list because there is none.

Remove the Coming Soon New Avatars off profiles id rather there was a blank space of black than have that shit there any longer been there years and there not coming.

Take a good look at the achievements list and adjust some and delete some that cannot be completed. people should and would strive to have all achievements completed if they could but theres ones there that are impossible.

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