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The best mafia game i have ever played keep up the good work :)
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It has changed so much! I love it! How it has changed this much is just mind boggling! Great job guys at Street Crime!!
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helljellStreet Crime Rating: 5/5
Great Game! I highly recommend! Enjoy living the gangsters life legally.
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Well...this is one of the best games I have ever played! This game is very nice and the developers are very creative.. When i first signed up i thought this was gonna be another of Mafia games, but after I played it , this became one of the best games i have ever played!
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Street Crime is a very good text-based game. You make and meet new friends, everybody is nice to eachother! The Admins are very helpfull, so that is a very big plus. The game on it's own is very good organised. Everything has a very good explaination, and you rank pretty fast in the beginning! Join Street...
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I've only started this game, and it's absolutely great! Players are constantly helping the newer players just joining and it shows that they are most fulfilled into the game.
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After several months of refurbishment Street Crime V3 exceeds my expectations for a simple browser based game. Sure, graphics make a good game. This is not the case with SCV3. There is always some rewarding aspect to the feats you perform or the crimes you commit. Compared with the last edition this...
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An awesome game, Friendly players and an addicting game environment. One of the best of its kind
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JUst joined this game for first time, ive played alot of textbased mafia morpg ,but this by far has most options so you never get bored you allways got sumthing 2 do
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This is an Excellent Mobster type game. A lot of though was put into this. Many different scenarios and crimes are offered. You can be your own crime boss a casino or factories, or simply be the henchmen doing the work. Love it.
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Street Crime is the most interesting way of getting interested in crime. It allows any user to live out the part of their personallity which just wish they could let all morals go. Once you start playing you will definately not want to stop!!
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Street crime V3 is a great fun MMORPG. I have been having fun doing crimes, gta etc. Its a great game ive been playin other games b4 the release and still i ditched all of them to play this because of this games great interface.
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It's like the best game iver ever played on and ive played on like 25 its to good i love it
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Excellent Interface. Intuitive menus, and Great Concept. Great Game
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sidney0128Street Crime Rating: 5/5
Greatest game! very time consuming. When at work, this game keeps me going through the night
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its really a complete muti combo pack which contains all fun, joy, adventures, missions, which a mpog a crime online game can have, the best part is the game is unpredictable, means there is always a feeling "what's going to be next", i enjoy this game a lot, and i suggest all those who are looking for some...
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I didnt play V2, but this is like all the other games rolling around put into 1 game and then some. You got the casino, the car stealing, pimping missions, just so much rolled into 1 game. Im not even close to do with the game and im having a blast. I havent experienced any bugs yet and i don't think i will....
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Being a completely new player to Street Crime I had no idea what to expect. I came across this game purely by chance while voting for another game which i was getting a bit bored with. And to be honest, I now wonder how I ever managed to stick with it at all. Street Crime has many many more features than any...
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Compared to other online games Street-Crime has set the bar visually and contextually. I've played others and have for years as my loyalty to them has never been challenged. I have found myself eager and engaged continuously in my first 48 hours playing and can't get enough. As I'm learning more and more...
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djzion12345Street Crime Rating: 4/5
its good but i cant attack which stinks because i want to attack people
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this game is like no other game i have played before i just stopped playing another online mafia game what i have been plkaying for about 3 years and i found this site and there are so many great things about this game for example the your plot are is a great idea and buying prostitutes is a good idea i...
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It is a nice game more of a business and violent game than anything but i would recommend it
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Street Crime is a gritty modern take on the classic gangster game. Fantasticly addictive, it has a thriving community of players that mean no two days are the same.
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Version 3 Is Great! If you like Helpful people Its a Great game, The Jobs and Missions are Just right, Yeah at first So great deal of Jail Time but whats a little Jail time To a Big time Mobster?
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I believe that this is the most unique and amazing Crime game ever. No doubts about it. When you can do petty thefts, grand theft autos, breakouts, and heck, tons more things than other games, this is number one. Play it. Or be left out.
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Hmmm where to begin there's so many things to do, well here goes i really like the fact that you can build up your own land with buildings , as this brings in income daily this is very helpful, even better than having a job in other games. I like so many other features of Street Crime its got so many...
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