Every gangster needs a way to make money. One of the best ways to do this is to trade and grow drugs. A gangster with lots of money is respected by his fellow gangsters.

How to make money from Narcotics?

There are two ways to do this on Street Crime. The first is to buy drugs in a city, fly to another city and then sell the drugs. Each city has their drugs at a different price therefore giving you potential to make a profit. The second method is to buy a Weed Plantation which gives you the opportunity to grow and sell your own drugs.

What is a Drug Run?

Everyday on Street Crime there is a most profitable route between two cities. Each day gangsters fly between cities to find out in which city a particular drug is worth substantially more than the price paid. Once found gangsters will fly between these two cities making a hefty profit.

Carrying more Drugs

When you start off your gangster only has the ability to carry 2 drugs. As you rank up you will gain the ability to carry more drugs at one time. This means you can make a greater profit each time you buy and sell. When you reach Godfather/Godmother you can hold up to 40 units.

Drug TypeAverage Price
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