A great way to make some consistent money as a gangster is to send out your girls. Creating a profitable brothel can take some hard work and money, but once setup its a consistent source of income.

Gaining Pimping Experience

As a new gangster its important to build up your pimping experience as this unlocks new locations to send your prostitutes out to. When you first start you will only have the option of Street Corner or Truck Stop. As you progress by doing pimping crimes you unlock new locations such as Downtown. The new locations give out more earnings, get pimping now!

Making the most out of my Prostitutes

As you send your girls out you will notice your prostitutes deteriorate in health and become ill. An ill prostitute earns less money and may also die therefore its important you manage your prostitutes properly by curing them when they become ill. You can see each prostitutes individual statistics in order to manage them.

Setting up a Brothel

Once you have enough money you can enhance your prostitution business by purchasing a Brothel. A brothel allows you to manage more girls as well as giving you a steady income. Your brothel requires upgrades in order to reach the maximum potential of 50 prostitutes.

Crack Whore Hooker Call Girl
Stripper Escort Playboy Bunny
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