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Scheduled Update To Users Inbox

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

As our user base grows and the community continues to send more and more messages to each other, we have hit a snag. You guys are now sending and storing so many messages that our database is getting pretty tricky to handle, but thats great, fantastic infact. What’s not so fantastic for our poor little server is users having over 5,500 stored messages, this is because as our user base grows, 5,500 messages per user is not a sustainable figure. Do the math 20,000 x 5,500 = 110,000,000 rows of inbox data. Although we haven’t yet reached that insane figure, thank god, we do need to take some precautionary action to improve the following things.

  1. Improve inbox load speeds
  2. Reduce data redundancy
  3. Improve the efficiency of code and database use

Over the last few days we have been monitoring the situation and as of tommorow at 11:00 game time. We will be implementing a few pre-liminary things:

  1. We will be capping everyones inbox to a maximum of 500 messages and periodically deleting any surplus messages.
  2. We will also be improving and building an archiving system for older messages or inactive players. So they do not effect the speed and efficiency of the service that our active players receive.

If you have any messages you would like to keep then you can move them forward to within your first 500 messages by deleting other messages, or if your feeling particuarly helpful you can simply remove your entire inbox by using the delete all messages, if you have got nothing in there you wish to keep.

Thanks for your co-operation.

Street Crime Staff

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