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Christmas 2022 competition schedule

Friday, December 16th, 2022

Hello fellow gangsters

I just wanted to take a few moments to confirm the competition schedule for Christmas 2022.

  • Santas Lost Present Competition: 12/12/2022 00:00:00 until 23/12/2022 23:59:59
  • Santas Jail Competition: 24/12/2022 00:00:00 until 31/12/2022 23:59:59
  • Santas Lost Reindeers: 01/01/2023 00:00:01 until 06/01/2023 23:59:59

This will be updated in-code to reflect very shortly.

We will also run various short Christmas specials, including Christmas special/credit items.

There may also be time for a new feature & the final fixes to the payment system are on their way shortly.

Street crime mmorpg

Thursday, December 8th, 2022

The world of online gaming has seen a significant shift in recent years towards a new genre of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs): the gangster MMORPG. These games offer players the chance to step into the shoes of a virtual gangster and engage in a wide range of illegal activities, from running illegal businesses to committing acts of violence.

One of the most popular gangster MMORPGs on the market today is This game has gained a massive following due to its highly realistic portrayal of the life of a gangster and the intricate, complex world that players can explore.

One of the key features of is its focus on building and managing a criminal empire. Players must navigate the treacherous world of organized crime, building their own network of businesses and associates. This involves making alliances with other players, but it also means dealing with rival gangs and law enforcement.

The game also offers players the opportunity to engage in a wide range of illegal activities, from drug trafficking and money laundering to robbery and assassination. These activities provide players with the means to build their criminal empire, but they also carry significant risks. Players must be careful to avoid getting caught by the police, as the consequences can be severe.

Despite the illegal nature of the activities in, the game has gained a massive following due to its engaging gameplay and immersive world. Players are

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