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Christmas Trees 1 Present Per Day

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Christmas trees built on your plot, will once again only get 1 present a day underneath them. This will run until the 2nd, after which xmas trees will become useless until next year.

Porn Studio Adjustments

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

With the Porn Studio having been out for around a week we noticed that a few adjustments needed to be made. Below are a list of the adjustments which have been made:

• Wider range of Cars
• Wider range of Items
• Maximum of 2 of any type of Car or Item
• Cars now have a rating, better the car the better the payout
• Hints and tips in the text of Porn Studio
• Timer adjustment, no additional timer between Shoots
• Small profit adjustments

We hope these changes will make the Porn Studio a slightly more profitable experience for you all. These changes will only be reflected on new scenarios which are taken not currently open scenarios.

Street Crime Staff

50% Credit bonus ends 17:00 Tommorow 30/12/2009

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

The 50% bonus on credits ends at 17:00 in game time tommorow. So if you want to stock up or need some credits now is the time to buy them while the offer is still valid!

Happy Xmas, Free Credits & Porn Studio

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

Happy Christmas

First of all we would like to wish you all a very happy christmas and thank you for your continued support, we will continue to improve Street Crime and hope you all enjoy the new features we release.

Porn Studio

Today we have released a new turf building for you all to build and hope you enjoy shooting your very own Porn Movies! Once you have purchased a porn studio you can complete a range of scenarios including Magazines and Photo Shoots. Each scenario requires you to gather together a range of staff and props for the shoot. You have a limited time to do the shoot so you must act quickly!

Shoots take place on other gangsters turf’s therefore if you have a Porn Studio there is a chance another gangster will be hiring your Studio to shoot their scenario. If your Porn Studio is used by another gangster you will receive a 10% cut from any successful shoots!

I would like to personally thank fat and ginga for his help in coming up with some excellent ideas for this feature, without his input this feature would not have been possible. Fat and ginga has offered to give help to players regarding the Porn Studio, so if you have any questions and a member of Staff is not online you can divert your questions to Fat and ginga.

Start building your Porn Studio now >>

50% Free Credits

As part of our thank you for all supporting us and to say Happy Christmas to you all we have started a 50% Free Credits on all credits purchased. This offer is for a limited time only so make sure you purchase your credits as soon as possible to make use of this offer!

With the offer you will receive 50% more credits that normal, for example if you purchase 200 Credits you will now receive a total of 300 credits, that is 100 credits totally free!

Get your credits now >>

We hope you all have a great Christmas.

Street Crime Staff

Christmas Giveaway

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

This Christmas we have decided to do something different! We are giving away some fantastic prizes worth over £100. Entering for the Christmas draw is extremely easy and free, simply refer 2 friends who then reach the rank of gangster to qualify! 3 Lucky winners will be choosen on the competition closing date which is the 2nd of January 2010.

Prizes up for grabs

• Razer Abyssus Pro Gaming Mouse – See more here
• Razer Goliathus Gaming Mouse Mat – See more here
• Razer Piranha Gaming Headset – See more here
• Unique Street Crime Logo Cufflinks


1. Referalls must be from a different IP address – this will be monitored manually.
2. 1 entry per IP address, duplicate entries from multiple accounts with the same IP will be void!
3. Sending more than 2 invites to different friends is permitted!

Enter the competition now >>>>

Feature Update

Monday, December 14th, 2009

This afternoon we have released some very important updates to the turf feature. It came to our attention last week that despite thorough testing of turfs functionality we slightly overlooked the profitability and effect the new buildings would have on your revenues and income per day. After some more testing we decided to make some changes to its function. Please read the below carefully.

Profits per hour for every building apart from the brothel and the nightclub have been adjusted.

View another players turf, you can now view another players turf by visiting the link on there profile or by visiting the link next to the turf within a district. You can only get a visual representation of what they have built on it as not to give too much away.

Turf maintenance has been added. In order for us to control the money in the game and also improve the experience and gameplay online for all of you, we have decided to require every player to maintain his/her turf at least once every 48 hours. Our decision to make this change was because we don’t think it is fair on active players that an inactive account would still receive his/her hourly revenues from the turf regardless of whether they are ever online or not. We decided in a real life situation you would not build a apartment and then all of a sudden begin making the same amount of money every day by simply doing nothing, life unfortunately is a little bit tougher than that. Realistically you would need to manage the residence and constant upkeep of the building as well.

Turf maintenance works as follows:
When you visit your turf page you will notice a new button in the top right that will take you through to the turf maintenance. Here the first step is to set up a convenient time of the day to manage your turf, you can choose between any hour of the day (as default we have set every player to 20:00). Buildings on your turf will make 100% profit if they are maintained on a daily basis! In order for them to continue to do this, you have one hour each day between the time you specified and the next hour to complete the maintenance. If you fail to complete the maintenance within an hour, all is not lost….your buildings will continue to make half the revenue they do when fully maintained for a further 24 hours after your first chance to maintain them. You can select to maintain specific buildings only or do them all at once! Which way you choose to do it is entirely up to you.

Moving your turf works as follows:
When you visit your turf page you will notice a new button in the top right that will take you through to the moving your turf page. Here you can select a new district within any city map that you decide would be a better home for your turf or perhaps you joined a crew which require you to move your turf to a district in the city they are dominating. Its very simple really, you choose to move within the same city or a different city then depending on your choice select a district within that city for your turf. Once you have decided where to go, the system will tell you how much it will cost to move your turf there. If you choose to proceed you will notice that while your turf is in transit to its new location you will not be able to make any changes or even see your turf. Once the time ticks down and your turf has arrived, everything will be back to normal and you can once again manage your turf. Please note when you choose to move your turf, if you were the don of that district you will lose it. You are only allowed to be don of one district regardless of whether you become don and then move your turf to try and become don of another.

Good luck
Street Crime staff

New Feature – Turf

Monday, December 7th, 2009

This morning and the early hours of this afternoon we have been very busy making large changes and fixes to the game. We had a unusual problem with our server which had to be fixed to allow us to continue to develop in the way that we do now, which has been successfully rectified.

New Features / Important Changes

Today what you have always known as your plot has changed to become known as your Turf. Each city now consists of small districts (the squares). Each district contains your individually located player turfs and crew turfs. For your crew to become the don of a city you will need to gain control of as many districts as you possibly can. However you must remember that it will no longer be possible for someone to drop your domination in a district unless there turf is located there (thus preventing rich crews from buying over and dropping pieces of rival crews land). You can now only become the boss of a district if your turf is located there but still in the same or similar way as before, by bribing the police. You cannot as of yet move your turf to another city or district however this will become available later today.

You will all also see massive changes to the way your turf (old plot) works, with a new completely different interface and interaction level. Buildings can now be upgraded in levels to bring in different revenue and resource streams. Each building plays a different role in the game and has its unique worth. There are several new buildings available to build and there will be several more released over the coming weeks so stay tuned for that. To prevent players from building their turf up and never coming back but still reaping the benefits, your buildings require maintainence once every 48 hours.

Your pad now has a limitless hiding time on it, ie you can prevent yourself from being mugged when you log off by entering it free of charge and for as long as you want.

Crew Headquarters

Crew boss’s will no longer be able to manage there crew buildings from there own personal plot. Instead now the boss will need to visit the “Crew Headquarters” link under his “Crew” menu heading in the left hand menu. This will become the new home of managing all of your crew assets. We also have dismantled any crew weed plantations all money for these has been returned to the players cash.

New Bulk Payment Amount

We also added a bulk payment amount of £47.50 today, this will get you 500 street credits. Which gives you a nice little discount if you wish to buy lots of credits. Also look out for a new payment option later today which will allow sms payments from america (we know some of you have been waiting for this).

Feature Upgrades, Fixes and Bugs

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

We are continuing to work on all areas of Street Crime and hope to improve gameplay for everyone. We have been a little quiet on what we have been up to lately so here is a run down of some of the things we have been working on and what you can all look forward to. If you want to see this on a more regular basis you can check the Development Log.

Feature Upgrade – Tomorrow Afternoon:

– Tomorrow afternoon we will be implementing a big feature upgrade, we have been working on this for a number of weeks now and we hope you will all like the changes we make. For this upgrade to take place we expect the site to be down for up to 2 hours in order to make sure everything is working smoothly. We are very excited about this upgrade and hope you will be too. Make sure your online tomorrow to see for yourself!

Small Changes/Fixes:

Along with the big feature upgrade taking place tomorrow we have also been making small changes to the game over the last few weeks:

  • New Homepages
  • Auctions now charge 10% fee
  • Crew bunker fix – you can now invite the correct number of people
  • Criminal Record now shows your Jail Busts
  • Mission 2 – Finding Don Leechy: Don Leechy now moves cities each week
  • Gym and Getaway have been changed to AJAX to make it smoother to use
  • Optional minimised header and footer to make gameplay easier for those with smaller screens


This afternoon there was a bug with the hitlist which meant people were getting hitlisted for large sums of money which the person making the hit did not have. This has been resolved and all invalid hits have been removed.

The Future:

Not only have there been some excellent ideas in the Ideas Topic we also have some ideas of our own on ways we can improve Street Crime. Once the feature upgrade tomorrow is complete this leaves us in the position to complete the Kill feature which we no you have all been waiting for. Make use of those precious few days you have left to rank up your account and make as much money as you can, once Kill is out, your on your own!

Street Crime Staff

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