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Zombie Slayer is back for a Halloween Special!

Tuesday, October 29th, 2019

As you may have noticed, more recently we have been hard at work most on ‘behind the scenes’ updates for Street Crime. For Halloween this year we will be running our famous ‘Zombie Slayer’ competition.

Now for those who haven’t played this before here is a small guide of how to play it. There are 10,000 zombies heading right for the streets of Street Crime, you and your friends and foe need to fight your way out.


For each Zombie you come across you must choose to fight it or run, if you run it might still bite you and you could end up in the hospital, if it bites you, you will also be infected. If you are infected then if someone sends you a message or attempts to mug you whilst infected they will also end up infected and in hospital. If you choose to fight the Zombie, you must tool up with your weapons and bullets, the higher the level of zombie the tougher it will make it to kill. Watch out for special types of zombies inspired by the legendary Resident Evil movies.

If you kill the zombie successfully you will earn yourself and your crew the equivalent points to the level of the Zombie. So a level 15 Zombie would earn you and your crew 15 points.

The top 5 players and the top 3 crews will each earn the following prizes.

Player Prizes
All players will receive zombie competition October 2019 top 5 badge

  1. 250 credit, 31 day membership, 500 HP, 1000 Prestige.
  2. 150 credits and a 31 day membership, 300 HP, 600 Prestige
  3. 75 credits and a membership 200 HP, 400 Prestige
  4. 31 day membership 100 HP, 200 Prestige
  5. 25 credits 50 HP, 100 Prestige

Crew Prizes
Access to the boss of bosses with the following

  1. 5 prizes from boss of bosses for 7 days
  2. 3 prizes from boss of bosses for 5 days
  3. 1 prizes from boss of bosses for 5 days

When does it Start?
The zombies will be released at 17:00 GMT on Wednesday 30th October & the competition will finish when the last one is dead!

Good luck, see you online and happy slaying!

‘Play broke casino’ bug fixed

Monday, October 7th, 2019

Hey players! We have been working on the game, fixing a few bugs etc and have just pushed a fix for the ‘Play broke casino’ bug.

To celebrate we are also running a 30% discount for the next 6 hours.


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