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Security Breach

Monday, March 14th, 2011

This evening we have had to reset everyones password due to a DOS attack which led to a potential security downfall. We detected the issue as soon as it began therefore no real damage was done however to ensure your accounts remain secure everyone’s passwords have now been reset.

Only a handful of accounts were effected however whilst on the subject of security we would like to highlight the need for everyone to have a strong and secure password which is kept secret in order to maintain your accounts integrity.

The root of the issue that caused this issue has been resolved so there should be no further problems. We apologise for the downtime but it was of utmost importance as a immediate fix was required.

To log back into Street Crime you will be required to reset your password >>

Street Crime Staff

After the Rollback

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

After the rollback occured this afternoon we tried once again to launch the illusive feature ‘Kill’ and once again we just weren’t satisfied and 100% sure that it was working to the level we think you should expect from us. So to avoid further dissapointment and allow us to actually grab some sleep and clear our heads on this one, we’ve decide to temporarily pull the ‘Kill’ feature and made another rollback to the same time to protect the integrity and playability of the game. Kill will be back, and it will be tested and we will make it up to you, that much we promise!

We have however left Attacking another persons turf feature in the game and will continue to monitor it whilst also alot of other new additions have been left around the game.

As i’m sure you will also all agree, some of you have worked very hard for months and months to build your accounts up and for them to be ended by a buggy script seems like a very big waste of time. So when it’s ready and when we are happy it will be back in the game.

We will be putting together a staging area in the morning and will open up some keys to people for beta testing to help test more scenarios quickly through the system. As soon as we are satisfied it is working perfectly we will announce and re-launch the feature.

We are very sorry that this launch did not go smoothly at all and we are going to try and do everything in our power to make sure that this does not happen ever again.

We hope you will accept our sincerest apologies and can still look forward to a time shortly when you will be able to end each others lives. Just not quite yet.

Any players that did buy credits between 2pm and the first major downtime of the launch of kill will have been re-endorsed fully with the credits they paid for.

Street Crime Staff


Thursday, March 10th, 2011

As most of you will know Kill was briefly released this evening, we experienced a few problems and due to the busyness of the game at the time decided we had to make a hard decision. Although Kill was slightly bugged we have and are working hard to fix the bugs throughout the night. We have taken the decision to roll back the entire game to roughly 2pm yesterday (launch date day). We’ve made this difficult decision because we see it as the fairest option to all players and it offers a good option to fix problems to give you all the best experience.

We are very, very sorry and hope that you’ll understand that we’re doing all this to try and make the best possible game for our players. We’re sorry for any inconveniences and hope you will also agree with us that this is the best option.

Street Crime Staff

Attack Integration – How it will happen

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

As you are all probably aware Attack is due to go live at 9pm today. In order for us to achieve this we will need to take the game down to implement the necessary changes to the game.

The down time will be staggered over two periods. The first of which will start at approximately 12 noon and last for up to 3 hours (maximum). The second period will be at approximately 8:30pm for 30 minutes. We will keep you informed prior to the downtime with a notice in the game so that you can prepare for the downtime.

We cannot guarantee that there will not be more than 2 periods of downtime but will try and keep downtime to a minimum and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Street Crime Staff

Kill release date announcement

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

After a long and much anticipated wait we now have a confirmed release date for Kill. Being such an important feature in the way in which Street Crime runs alot of time and effort has gone into creating a balanced system. Kill will be released on Wednesday 9th March at 21:00 (game time). Make sure you are online to prepare yourself for what is bound to be a blood bath!

With the Kill system in place its a chance for you to get your own back on old enemies or make your mark in Street Crime history. Below is a list of some of the possibilities that Kill opens up:

  • Earn money from killing people on the hitlist
  • Take over that bullet factory or casino you crave by killing the owner
  • Destroy a crew by killing the crewboss and successor
  • Show your rivals whos boss by taking them down
  • Work together as a crew to take domination of a city by annihilating rival crews

Our kill system is unique and comprehensive. It cannot be compared to any other system available due to its complex and in depth nature. Being able to purchase, train and use over 25 weapons in 3 different attack scenarios makes Street Crime the place to be. It’s easy to reach the top, but can you stay there and see off your rivals?

Bullet Factories

With Kill being released next week it’s also time for us to pass control of the bullet factories over to the players. There are 8 bullet factories in the game, 5 of these will be auctioned and 3 will be dropped.

The 5 bullet factories to be auctioned will be listed on Thursday 3rd March with each one ending at a different time between Sunday 6th March and Wednesday 9th March. The 3 bullet factories to be dropped will be dropped randomly before Kill is released so keep your eye on the Cities page.

Insurance Updates

We have also made various updates to the insurance packages which you can purchase to help ease the pain of being killed. The updates include confirmation of what you will receive back on your next character in terms of cash, bullets, inventory, plot, and gym stats.

In addition to this the rate of health replemishment is now based on your insurance. If you do not have insurance you will only regain 3% health per hour rather than 10% per hour if you have an insurance policy. Make sure you have purchased your insurance before you pay the ultimate penalty!

Storage Box

Storage box is a new feature to Street Crime and is directly related to Kill and Insurance. If you have insurance when you die you have the option to collect your possessions immediately or add them to a storage box for safe keeping. If you choose to add them to a storage box you will lose 10% of everything you withdraw until you reach the rank of Bodyguard.

Street Crime Staff

Storage box – feature release

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

As promised we have pushed a new feature called ‘Storage box’ to the game. It can be found in the menu below Life insurance under the ‘Personal’ tab. Storage box’s can only be activated after your account dies and full information on what the Storage box does can be found on the page itself. More updates are coming tommorow, stay tuned!

Street Crime Staff

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