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Attack – Announcement: Launch Early Feb

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Ladies and Gentleman,

Tonight we would like to take the opportunity to announce our plans for the Attack system (Kill).

We have now been planning, developing and programming the attack scripts for 3 weeks or so and are edging closer to a release date. We are setting a preliminary date of the first week of February for release of all of these brand new features. However this could move backward or forwards slightly depending on our progress over the next week or so.

What we wanted to do is re-assure you we are working real damn hard on the attack system to try and make it unlike any other gangster attack/kill system you have ever seen.

So what we thought we would do tonight is give you all more of an insight into what we have been up to all this time. All of the following features and upgrades will be coming into the game when Attack is launched and we have also explained a little more about each feature and what it does.

Attack – This is the main feature of the release. Attack is now not a solo feature, your friends and crew members can now pile into a vehicle and go with you! You can choose from a range of different attack intentions i.e. Disrupt, Loot or Attack. Looting will steal cash made from rent that is un-collected from a players turf (please see below for more details on this). Disrupt will damage buildings and thus damage the amount of rent your turf makes you per hour. Attack will do exactly what it says on the tin! You go with the intention to attack the player personally. Depending on his defences of heavies (see below) and Pad upgrades your attack may take several attempts to be completely successful!! Or his defences may just be too strong and you might need to call in the help of all your crew members!

Maintenance Scrapped – After alot of debate we have decided to replace the daily maintenance with a slightly different feature. Rent collecting. Rent collecting means any cash your turf makes will not be added to your characters cash untill you collect it. Also any un-collected rent cash is Lootable by another attack team. Cash can be collected every hour. If you do not collect rent at all in any 48 hour period then your buildings will earn you nothing!

Life Insurance – Remember the time when if you died and you never had the opportunity to get any of your beloved belongings back. Well that time is over! With the new life insurance policies you can get varying degrees of cover so that even if you may die your legacy lives on! You will receive some of your previous characters items and wealth and inherit some of its stats with your new character!

New Vehicles – A few new vehicles will be wheeling there way into the streets of Street Crime with this update for kill as well! So get practising your GTA skills!

Weapons Shop Upgrade – The weapons shop has undergone a massive overhaul, with over 30 new weapons including RPG’s and Sniper Rifles and tonnes of weapon add ons to unlock it’ll sure keep you busy. Guns also have a exp which unlocks and improves the power of the gun when used by yourself depending on your experience with it. New Sidearm and Equipment slots have been added to your inventory so you can equip a sidearm and a grenade if you choose and take them with you on an attack. Extra weapon slots can be unlocked by acheiving certain things within the game and or via credits.

Brand New Shooting Range – Some of you will remember our old shooting range. We took it away from all you lovely people when we had a few problems with it. We have now developed a brand new one which you can take your extensive weaponry from the new weapon shop too and fire away!

Heavies – Your own personal turf defence unit has arrived! To help repel and defend your turf from attacks Heavies are available to train and equip. Heavies can also be sent by crew members to your turf to back you up even when you are not online!

Spies – Want to attack someone? But want to gather as much information as you can before you commit to the attack? Thats where spies come in! Spies can fetch detailed reports from your enemies turfs to inform you of defences. You can get spies working for you and collecting information on enemy turfs simultaneously!

Achievements – A Slight redesign of our achievements section plus a whole new batch of fresh achievements to make.

Attack Alert System – A brand new attack alert system is available including text and email message notification of when you are being attacked. Also brand new to the attack system this time round is the ability for your crew to find out if you are being attacked so they can re-enforce you.

Loads of New Credit Items – We decided our shop was far too bland and scarce so we filled it right to the brim of items to suit pretty much anyone’s needs. We also gave it a bit of a facelift.

Text Messages – Text messages will be able to be sent through street crimes inbox system to your friends anywhere in the world and best of all so long as your friend has enabled his mobile phone on street crime its as easy as clicking ‘send message as text’ from the normal inbox!

Stay tuned!!

Street Crime Staff

City Bulletfactories increase production

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Today the city bulletfactories stepped up production in anticipation for the release of the hugely awaited feature….Kill.

The bulletfactories will now produce 500 bullets per hour in each factory, this is double the previous production.

Make sure you take advantage of this and stock up your account!

Street Crime Staff

Gangster Competition: Create Video

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Having recently created a help page which contains tutorial videos on a range of categories including troubleshooting and getting started we have decided to run a competition for gangsters to create their own videos. Up for grabs are some fantastic prizes so get creative and come up with the best video possible.

Once you have created your master piece, whether its a informative video on how to use a certain aspect of Street Crime or whether you chose to showcase the life of a gangster, simply upload the video and submit the URL on the competition page.

You have until 18:00 on 1st February 2009 to submit your video so you have plenty of time to produce a masterpiece!

Click here to see what prizes are up for grabs and to enter the competition >>

Street Crime releases Tutorial Videos to help players!

Friday, January 15th, 2010
Tutorial Videos

Today we have released a Help section on the outside of the game for new and existing players to learn more about Street Crime. There are 4 video categories Getting Started, Gameplay, Tips and Troubleshooting. We hope these informative help videos will assist players in their quest to become the best gangster on Street Crime.

If you get stuck whilst playing the game or want to learn something new make sure you watch the videos for any tips you may not yet be aware of, being one step ahead of other gangsters is vital to your survival.

At the moment we only have 1 video available however we will be constantly adding new videos so be sure to check back at regular intervals! Take a look at the Help section now >> or take a look at our YouTube Channel >>.

Upcoming Competition

We will be announcing a competition shortly which will all give you an excellent opportunity to earn yourself some Street Crime credits and more! The competition will be based around showcasing Street Crime in a video so brush up on your video making skills in anticipation for the competition announcement.


The use of Ships now reduces the amount of time it takes to ship your car to another destination. This could save you vital time when taking part of a Organised Crime as Driver or getting the equipment ready for a Porn Shoot!

Street Crime Staff

Inbox Reply System Slightly Changed.

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Today we decided to pilot a slightly changed system with regards to replying to inbox messages. In the new system when you reply to a message it will popup in a new window. This will allow you to make long replies and still perform game actions like petty crimes etc.

Please let us know your thoughts on this system. If it is decided the community do not like it, it will simply be changed back.


Turf Changes/Upgrades

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Over the last day or so we have been readying some changes to the Turf. The changes we have made will help to improve the longitivity of the feature whilst also addressing the problem of multiple apartment blocks being set up on accounts purely just for profit purposes.

So to tackle these problems we have done two things.

Firstly: You are now limited to the amount of Apartments, Blocks of Flats and Council Housing you can build on your turf. Starting out you can only build a maximum of 4 of each type, with the option of increasing those amounts using a new item called the ‘Councillors Briefcase’ these can be bought in the credit shop or found along your travels in the game.

Secondly: You will now only be able to level an Apartment, Block of Flats or Council housing building to level 10 without further assistance. To level it up higher than level 10 you now need a special item called a Planning Order. 1 Planning Order allows 1 extra level to be upgraded on the selected building when used. Planning Orders can be bought from the credit shop or found along your travels in the game.

Lastly: We have fixed numerous minor discrepancies with Turf and the way it works, including a fix to prevent a building earning you no revenue while upgrading despite the fact it would seem logical to.

Hope you enjoy.
Street Crime Staff

Auction Upgrade & Other Tweaks

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

With the introduction of Porn Studio and the increasing use of Auctions to sell items to other gangsters we decided auctions needed to be adjusted to cope with the increasing demand on this feature. For this reason Auctions has undergone a few changes which will apply to any new auctions.

Auction changes implemented:
• Auctions can now have an Buy it now price – allows an item to be sold instantly at that price.
• All auctions will now end automatically once the auction timer has finished, if a valid bid is found the item is sold else returned to its original owner.
• Gangsters must set a starting bid amount for the auction.
• Gangsters have the opportunity to set a reserve price on their auction, this is unknown to the bidder and the auction will not be completed unless this reserve is met.

Other changes made to Street Crime:
• Hitlist now informs the gangster if any hit is taken care of, not just the final hit.
• Criminal record timer bars display red if you cannot attempt another of the crime.
• Flight timer has been fixed on the Criminal Record page.
• Organised Crime achievement unlock has been fixed and unlocks at the correct rank.
• Airport cities order is now the same whether you can or cannot fly.

We hope you continue to support us as we strive to become the best gangster game on the internet, we are working hard on new features, yes this includes kill, amongst other changes.

Stay tuned for more updates later today.

Street Crime Staff

5 More Crew Slots Available at 17:00

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

5 more eagerly anticipated crew slots will become available at 17:00 game time today. If you wish to make your crew in one of these slots you must be quick and create your crew as soon as possible at 17:00.

Good Luck

Christmas trees finish at midnight tonight!

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

You have until midnight tonight to collect any presents left under your christmas trees, before santa collects them all up and takes them away to save for next year 😉

We would also like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and all the best for the year to come.

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