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Turf Changes/Upgrades

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Over the last day or so we have been readying some changes to the Turf. The changes we have made will help to improve the longitivity of the feature whilst also addressing the problem of multiple apartment blocks being set up on accounts purely just for profit purposes.

So to tackle these problems we have done two things.

Firstly: You are now limited to the amount of Apartments, Blocks of Flats and Council Housing you can build on your turf. Starting out you can only build a maximum of 4 of each type, with the option of increasing those amounts using a new item called the ‘Councillors Briefcase’ these can be bought in the credit shop or found along your travels in the game.

Secondly: You will now only be able to level an Apartment, Block of Flats or Council housing building to level 10 without further assistance. To level it up higher than level 10 you now need a special item called a Planning Order. 1 Planning Order allows 1 extra level to be upgraded on the selected building when used. Planning Orders can be bought from the credit shop or found along your travels in the game.

Lastly: We have fixed numerous minor discrepancies with Turf and the way it works, including a fix to prevent a building earning you no revenue while upgrading despite the fact it would seem logical to.

Hope you enjoy.
Street Crime Staff

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