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Important Announcement:- Turf Changes

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Tonight at 18:00 game time some changes to the turf will be coming into effect. The biggest of which will be the changes to the maintenance system and how rent from your buildings is collected. We have changed the system so that all of your rent from your buildings must be collected whenever you are online from your turf manually.

Any rent left uncollected at your turf will become lootable by other players in an attack. You will no longer be required to maintain your buildings on a 24 hour basis, instead this evening we will introduce a new system which will throw random events at you the building owners, which will cause varying amounts of damage to your turf buildings. These random events will also have differing severities which will indicate the speed at which they will worsen, depending on the speed the event worsens the damage on your building will increase by 5% a time. The more damage your building has the less rent it will make and the more it will cost to repair. Being active and repairing your buildings when the events occur is the best technique.

The rent becomes available every hour on the hour as it was before there is no change here. We have also vamped up the page and added in some optimisation and upgrades in relative places. More will follow tonight at 18:00 game time.

Stay tuned.

Shooting Range

Monday, April 19th, 2010

This afternoon we implemented our new shooting range! It allows you to train with more than one weapon at the shooting range and gain experience with that weapon. By gaining experience with your weapon you will gain accuracy, skill and efficiency when firing it. This will help you in the latter features of the game, due out soon.

Warning: If you navigate away from the shooting range whilst it is in progress, you will still lose your cash, bullets and energy but you will not gain any experience with your gun. We have taken measures to make this less tempting and easy to do, but you have been warned.

Old shooting range experience will become irrelevant, unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this simply due to the fact that experience can now be earnt for different weapons seperately.

Leveling your gun up requires energy, and some weapons require more energy than others. Especially the heavy weaponry such as miniguns, rpgs and sniper rifles.

Equipment cannot be trained at the shooting range.

Prestige replaces Honor

Monday, April 12th, 2010

It came to our attention over the weekend that honor points were commonly getting confused with honor. So in the light of this situation we decided to make a change, we changed what was formally known as Honor to Prestige. This should help to clear up the obvious confusion of using two different things with the same or similar names, whilst also giving us the opportunity to drop prestige into the game and make more of that.

Honor points remain the currency of which you can spend in the honor points store and also remain a perk in all of the places they were previously.

We also made some changes around the game to give Prestige a little more weight and you can expect to see further additions to this as we go forward. Prestige now hopefully will give users a good indication of who are the most experienced players in the game. Prestige for other users can be found simply by browsing there profile page. Where rank stops, prestige will continue to grow.

Prestige can be earnt currently through achieving any of the various achievements, pulling off successful organised crimes and ranking up in the game.

Street Crime Staff

Achievements, Stores, Weapons and More

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

Today we released a few new features into the game as well as updated quite a few different aspects of the game which required attention as we gear up towards the eagerly anticipated release of attack! Below is just a run down of what was included in the update.


There are now 40+ achievements for you all to work towards unlocking with better scope for us to release more as the game progresses. Some of the achievements you will, unfortunately, have to achieve again such as Globetrotter and Drug Lord however some such as Complete all missions just require you to access the missions page to receive your reward.

* Note: Prostitute profits have been reset due to the release of the new achievement.


We have had a total revamp of the stores page including protection store, transport store, honor points store. We have also released two completely new stores: Weapon Store and Ammo Store. Weapon store gives you the opportunity to purchase weapons from a choice of more than 20 different weapons which will unlock with varying requirements such as rank and honor. Finally the Ammo store allows you to trade your bullets which you made or purchased into sniper bullets or rockets for use with some of the heavy weapons available.

Weapon Locker:

Your inventory now includes a weapon locker which allows you to manage the weapons you own. You can unlock additional weapon slots through the game or from the credit store this allows you to train more weapons simultaneously. You have the ability to choose a sidearm, primary weapon and some equipment. Soon you will be able to train up your weapons at the shooting range, stay tuned for this update which is coming soon!


Some of you may of noticed various other aspects of the game which have been tweaked. The menu has been adjusted slightly to incorporate Achievements and Depot with the footer world icon being renamed Cities. The ruby page has had a small adjustment made to include the ability to exchange 3 ruby’s for an additional weapon slot. The city bank now uses compound interest when banking for a week. Cities page now displays which of each casino type has the highest max bet.

We all hope you enjoy the new updates and stay tuned for more updates next week!

Street Crime Staff

Server Problems Over The Weekend

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

As some of you will be well aware over the course of the weekend we had a few server hickups. This was due to faults with the server that cropped up over the long weekend, at times causing the time to fall out of sync and timers to count the opposite way to normal. We hope to have these issues straightened out before the end of today and have taken some measures already to ensure that the server remains online and accessible 100% of the time.

Our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Street Crime Staff

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