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Terms of service – Public use of foul language

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

After a few events tonight, I would like to re-iterate our stance on the use of foul and abusive language within the game. We do not want to be forced to a point where we feel that we have to censor every publicly viewable point in the game and we do understand at certain times or due to certain frustrations swearing is often a good way to let off steam. However we do not and will not ever accept the use of such foul language being used in forums or public chat.

Foul language used randomly or provocatively has absolutely no place in our game nor our society and if your found to be guilty of using it you will be punished for doing so. We hold the right to ban you for as long as little time as we feel the crime deserves.

Needless to say, we are trying to build a community of respect and decency, where adult behavior is striven for and where we as human beings behave as you would expect anyone to in real life. Of course this is an RPG game where you get to perhaps play someone that is not yourself and maybe thats your style, however let it be known that if your style involves acting in a way thats just not acceptable, it will not be tolerated either way.

Hopefully over time we can build a community and together we can build it upon respect and honour, two virtues held with the utmost regard in any criminal empire!

Street Crime Staff

Attack – Loot: Released Next Week

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

After the successful launch of Car Bomb it is now time to implement the next stage of our attack system. The next stage will be Loot which enables teams of up to 6 gangsters equipped with weapons and special items such as Duffel bags and Hard cash cases to steal uncollected rent from another gangsters turf.

Loot will be released on Thursday 25th November (yes we are aware we managed to get this wrong in the email, were all human) 2010 @ 18:00 Loot will give those gangsters who want to get their own back a chance toinflict further damage on their enemies by raiding their turf and stealing uncollected cash. Turf provides a steady flow of income to a large number of gangsters therefore disrupting that could hit your enemies where it hurts.

You may be aware that over the past couple of weeks a couple of new items have become available, Duffel bag and Hard cash case, these will enable you to bag up any cash you can get your hands on and jump back in the awaiting getaway car! You can find these items by doing Petty Crimes, GTA’s or Jobs. Don’t want to find the items? Keep your eye on the auctions.

Other News

We hope you enjoyed the Car Bomb and Zombie Slayer competitions which took place a few weeks ago! Look out in the build up to christmas for some special gifts and competitions from Santa! For those who won a T-Shirt we have posted the t-shirts today so you can expect to receive yours soon. We hope you like the t-shirts, if you want to show it off send a picture of you wearing it to an Admin.

A revamped Street Crime shop will open in the near future, which will include a small merchandise section, so those of you who are interested in our merchandise, will have the ability to purchase it from the store.

Street Crime Staff

New Turf Spy Reports

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

We’ve just pushed a small update to the way turf reports now work. Turf reports will now generate a report which shows in much more detail what is at the turf you spied on. However working against your rank and your spy will be the rank of the person your spying on and there heavies. This will effect the quality of the information that your spy will be able to report and make the report less complete/accurate.

This is a necessary step in preparation for the Loot attack type.

You will be able to view reports for all turf spies sent after 18:00 today but not before.

Street Crime Staff

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