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Outcomes of Attack/Kill feature review

Thursday, August 27th, 2020

Dear players,

I wrote at the beginning of the re-launch of kill that it was my intention to review the feature in stages, as we go along.
Many attacks and kills have now successfully taken place since the re-launch, which is great! And importantly the features are holding up well!

As some of you will know, I had a schedule of releasing a kill rank per week every Friday, which was paused about 2 weeks ago. Up until now, we have unlocked kills up to the rank of Bodyguard.
I paused this process to take a breather and reflect on the right path forward given our new perspective after 6 weeks since go-live.

The following will happen, commencing immediately;

– Re-commence starting tomorrow the release of the +1 weekly kill rank. Assassin will be un-locked tomorrow etc
– Passive account protection mode. Can only be activated once per account lifespan. Accounts in passive mode, cannot own city assets or be a crewboss, but importantly cannot also be killed.
– Increase the insurance options and cover each plan provides. This is being done to ease the burden of returning to a dead account
– Extra XP items. These items will be credit items only and available to players with a previous dead account only.
– Turf moves. Frequency allowed will be increased to once every 24 hours with credits, or once every 72 hours with cash & will not be limited/capped per month
– More account re-buff options available with both cash and credits at the Hell page
– Improved notification system to provide up-to-date information on your account. This will include the SMS feature. So that you can get advanced notifications of danger to your account. Giving you the best possible chance of survival.

PLEASE NOTE: there is no longer the option to purchase credits for your account at the Hell page. If you wish to improve the account re-buffs for your new account you must make sure you already have the credits to cover the items. In the long term this feature should return, but in the short term, please ensure your account already has credits left un-used on the account. My suggestion is for around 100 to be left unused.


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