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Progress update & kill unlock update (version 6 re-launch)

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020

Good evening players,

I’d like to take this opportunity to catch you all up on what’s been going on behind the scenes since Monday the 13th of July when we relaunched. I’ll cover the following in this update: Opening up of Kill, a general update on progress, and short term direction.

It’s been busy, v.busy. I’m pleased to say I’m able to fix almost everything that’s come up so far, and as a consequence, the game is improving in stability and quality. I’m very happy with the progress we’re making together.

The incredible support players have and continue to show me, is very humbling.

Achievements have proven a specific problem & this is mostly due to the way in which I only partially reset the game, not fully. In hindsight, I admit it was an oversight and it may cause some continued issues with achieving some of them in the short term. Apologies for that. I will do my best to make some efforts to ensure they are rechecked over the coming weeks.

Bounty program plug: If you or a friend find a serious bug (involving cash, credits, items etc) then I pay RL cash or in-game rewards for the explanation of the bug in order for me to fix. I want you to feel rewarded for helping the game’s stability. More info can be found at the bounty page in the footer of Street Crime when logged in.


Many of you have been wondering what my intentions for opening out the limit on kill ranks are. Tonight I’d like to share that with you. Despite a promising start, I feel like opening it up very quickly would be a silly decision. Kill adds a lot of extra stress on the game, not just in game-play but in what can go wrong and what the consequences are when they do. I do not want to use loyal players who have spent a lot of time and effort as test dummies for the system. Nor do I want to introduce kill before attempting to advertise more heavily the game, and attract more players to make things more interesting, else we might end up with a short-lived gun sling between a few players which burns out quite quickly.

With the above in mind, I propose a phased opening up of the rank limit currently active on kill, in combination with further testing (further testing will likely involve select players being asked to access another server, in a deathmatch style setup to stress test kill).

My proposal is as follows. Every Friday (weekly) the rank limit will be nudged up 1. There are 8 increases in total. You don’t need to be a genius to work out that this is 8 full weeks until Godfathers can be killed. This would mean a Godfather cannot be killed by another player until 12:00 18/09/2020. However, they could be killed in backfire attempting to kill players of lower rank before that.

This phased opening will start Midday 12:00 24/07/2020. Unless met with huge community objections.

In short, this gives us more time, a timeline to follow, time to advertise, time to test everything to the nth degree.

The short term future

I will continue to very actively work on bug fixes and improvements to the game as they crop up. With the hope that this will become less intense and less time consuming as we move forward. Allowing more time for feature improvements/new features.

I will be working on monitoring & logging capabilities & improvements.

We are in talks to get the UI/UX of the inside game re-designed. This will be professionally designed and paid for by myself (and somewhat by some of the incredible credit/membership purchases we’ve had so far).

I will advertise the game more vigorously than ever before starting at the end of this week and throttling up into next week.

There will be some small time based weekly features added which make specific nights of the week interesting for certain things. More on this to come.

There will be a new feature named Kill Frenzy added within 10 days. This is a crew based feature & focusses on killing inactive accounts for sport/fun.

I will kick off building & designing the character selector/builder that has been promised for a very long time.

Thanks again, Dave

Gameplay tweaks player information for 13 July 2020 @ 15:00 GMT+1

Wednesday, July 8th, 2020


We mentioned in the Attack + Kill blog post previous to this one, other features/tweaks that have taken place during. Here is a quick rundown. Apologies if we miss some off

Gameplay changes

  • New Bodyguard code to handle bodyguards role in Attacks
  • Bodyguards killed in Attacks now earn prestige and honourpoints
  • Bodyguards Bug Fixes & costing re-worked
  • Prestige & Honourpoints earned by the attackers are now also lost on the defender. I.E. you lose prestige + honourpoints for losing attacks
  • Attack reports re-worked so that they now show more clearly information about the attack but also represent the prestige + honourpoints earnt for each component
  • Various Attack + Kill UI bug fixes
  • All attacks and kill now require energy. Kill + Attack = 20 & Carbomb & Loot = 14. Each member participating must have the required energy
  • Prestige & Honourpoints are now earnt/lost when performing mugs on other players
  • UI tweaks: airport more prominent, space saving on the left menu, and turf gets its own drop down menu making garage a little more accessible
  • Smooth new signup process
  • Returning from Hell although not too disimilar in looks is completely re-coded
  • Turf has reverted back to a single button to collect all rent
  • Turf Bug fixes to rent accrual
  • Completely removed the random turf events. Buildings will only get damaged from attacks
  • Bug fix: Chat windows correctly scroll accross the site
  • UI tweaks in Turf
  • Casinos and assets no longer have pickup licenses
  • Increased % of finding items whilst performing crimes throughout the game
  • Duffel bags + Hard case suitcase added as credit items (useful in loots)
  • Pricing models re-worked for memberships and credits

Tech changes

  • Migrated from a static server in AWS to Kubernetes in GCP.
  • Introduced a fully automated deployent pipeline, allowing for seamless code bugfixes+updates without damaging the player experience at all
  • Complete re-write of the foundational code (this was fairly dated by this point)
  • Added a logging engine, to give us more awareness at any one time of the system & errors, whilst (as best we can) keeping those errors from user frontend
  • Taken the time to containerise the stack, meaning that it is now very easy for other developers to work on this project.
  • Seperated the various components of the game into microservices, so we can scale the crap out of any layer now!

New release of Attack + Kill with partial game reset

Sunday, July 5th, 2020

Hi all,

As some of you may already know from following our social media accounts, and or, playing the game itself we have been discussing resetting the game and turning back on the major Attack/Kill features.

The thinking behind it is that the game is not fun enough without those features turned on, and those features, are so large and the outcomes/possibilities so vast, that it simply must come back!

As the owners, we had been forced to turn Attack/Kill features off due to issues way back in 2017 time, and then never re-instated them, please accept our apologies for this and the wait!

What we’ve done

New platform & release pipeline, new core code, bug fixes & extensive attack/kill testing, improvements to UI and game features, laid a foundation for future development.

It’s taken a little longer than initially thought, but that’s mostly because we have done much more than we originally planned to do.

What will happen

On Monday, July 13th at 15:00 GMT the game will be re-opened with a partial reset and all of the above new game code (version 6).

That same day from 10:00 the current game will be made unavailable. Allowing us some time to prepare the changes.

What does a partial reset mean?

A partial reset will mean that all cash, bullets, items, casinos, turf properties (& turf levels) will have been removed. Memberships, credits and un-used credit items will remain.


Kill feature will initially be released with 1 restriction in place. Kills will only be allowed on accounts of rank Gangster/Gangstress and below. This will be relaxed after it has been stress tested by you players for 2 weeks. After which there will be no restrictions on who you can kill etc.

The future

It is my utmost desire that we get to a point where the game code is completely stable so that we can then focus on tweaking the system & enhancing the features. I stress to you all the importance of reporting bug details and would like to once again draw your attention toward the Bug Bounty program. Where we pay a mixture of genuinely good rewards for your honest help, helping us fix the game. Ultimately it will make your experience fairer, and enjoyable as well.

I look forward to welcoming you all back to the game, thank you for your continued support, and I really hope you enjoy playing the game again.

See you on the 13th!


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