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Credit Item Shop 35% Off!

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Today has seen the start of our credit items discount, we are not closing down, we are just feeling generous so thought you’d all like to take advantage of some cheaper credit items! All items, except the packs, have been discounted by 35%, take this opportunity to purchase those credit items you have always wanted.

Get in whilst it lasts, you only have 5 days from now to get your credit items in the sale before the prices will return to normal.


Street Crime Staff

Heavies & Pad Upgrades + Gym Stats Degrade

Friday, March 19th, 2010

This afternoon we implemented as planned Heavies, Pad and Gym Stats Degrading. Below is a breakdown and some information about each.

Most importantly to all of our current players we imagine the gym stats degrading would alarm you at first. However there is a simple logic behind this. In reality if you don’t come online and train in the gym then you would start to lose gym stats rather than stay at the same point. Thus if you do not train for 48 hours you will begin to lose stats every 24 hours there after. This also helps to create a more level playing field in the fighting arena.

Heavies is the biggest new feature in street crime in this update. Heavies sole purpose is to guard yours and other crew mates turfs from attacks. Heavies can be hired and trained by you for a cost in energy and cash. Once trained they are ready for use, you can send them to crew mates turfs to garrison them there or leave them at your own for extra protection. Heavies cost an hourly wage which is stated on the page. Heavies sent to you become your responsibility to pay once they arrive at your turf. Heavies still on the way to another players turf from you are still your responsibility until they arrive. If you fail to pay the wages of any heavies which are your responsibility you will lose heavies out or garrisoned at another players turf first. Followed by the heavies residing at your turf.

An upgrade to the pad has introduced new features such as upgrading the security on your pad, with generators and barbed wire fencing. You can also perform a limited version of banking from within your home called online banking which allows you to bank some money and send some small amounts to friends only. You also get an overview of all thats going on at your turf on the turf page, with the ability to recall your heavies from a crew mates turf and or send back heavies sent to protect you by your crew mates.

Hope you enjoy the new features.

New – My Account Page & Text Messaging System

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Tonight we implemented a few new pages that we have been working on as part of the massive upgrade to launch kill and attack.

You will see a brand new my account page, which is much more nicely laid out and also includes a payment tracking system on the last tab so you can review your payment history.

We also added in the ability to add your mobile number at your profile to your account and customise who can and can’t text you a message from in the game. This feature will allow other players to text you to come online if your being attacked or perhaps for you to set up alerts so your always in the know when your on the go. If you get hitlisted, attacked or attempted street crime can now deliver a nice little text to your mobile where ever you are to let you know whats going on. Texting someone can be done via the compose message page, or directly at the players profile by clicking the phone icon along the top of there profile.

We also tweaked the profile allowing for organised crime invites to be sent via a players profile if you are the leader of one.

More to come.

Life Insurance & Other Upgrades

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Today as promised we have launched the all new life insurance policies page. Life insurance will allow your character to start preparing for that dark day when perhaps you get sent 6 feet under, before you feel your time had really come. You might feel down and you might feel like your hard work was all for nothing. However fear not, if you get yourself a good life insurance policy and plan ahead, your death can be quickly avenged. There are different life insurance policies available ranging in price and value. With the top insurance policy you can get all your inventory items back, up to 75% cash, up to 75% ammo and inherit some of your previous characters stats and rank! This means when you die you can bounce back and avenge yourself quickly!

We also added some extra goodies in today’s installation of new scripts, including a brand new detectives page which solved a slight issue we had overlooked regarding mission characters. This will now be fixed and working nicely again. You can also now view active special items and how long they have remaining at your criminal record page and we also made a small tweak to the crew hq page.

Some of you will have had open safety deposit box’s which you will have been notified of being closed. We have closed the saftey deposit box feature and replaced it with the life insurance feature. Those of you with open safety deposit box’s will now have your original deposit amounts returned to your characters cash and bullets.


Important Announcement

Monday, March 8th, 2010

As many of you will be fully aware of we have been very, very busy making a massive new side to the game which includes all number of new exciting aspects.

We’d like to say that we are now almost finished and have decided rather than release all these new features in one big go, to stagger them across a few weeks so you’ll have more time to familiarize yourselves with each aspect before the next one is released.

It is also important that you all gain access to features which help you defend yourselves for sometime before we enable kill and attack. This is due to the fact if we released all of the new features at once and you couldn’t make it online for whatever reason, despite being one of the highest rank players in the game you would have little in the way of defense. Which means you could potentially become an easy target.

By staggering the new features into the game it also gives us a chance to see how each implementation favours in its early days, thus allowing modification without considerable disruption as time progresses.

Roughly each and every day over the next 2-3 weeks you can expect to see a new feature come into street crimes world, each time it does we will make an announcement to tell you a little bit more about the feature and whats new!

Today we will be unveiling our brand new Credit Item Store, it will go live sometime this afternoon so stay tuned!

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