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Attack Update

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Attack Progress

After alot of deliberation, tinkering and changing of ideas, about a month ago we finally decided after massive planning exactly how the eagerly anticipated attack feature will work. This is the very first time we have revealed anything about it to the players, so keep reading if you want to learn about some of the key elements.

The attack feature consists of 4 main attack types, importantly they offer differing effects.

  1. Attack – A team of up to 7 players can attack another player, if successful they will kill heavies and damage turf buildings. Importantly if the pad health reaches 0% health, the player they are attackings location is revealed and private detectives can be hired to hunt him/her down. Enabling a single player to head for a one on one kill attempt.
  2. Car Bomb – A team of 2 players is required, the leader packs a car full of c4 explosives and a detonator from the weapons store. They then make their way to the enemies turf and attempt to detonate the car bomb and make their escape. If successful, car bombs can do significant damage to a small amount of buildings, disrupting cash flow, lead and bullet production.
  3. Car Heist – A team of up to 7 players can come together, usually as a crew to raid an enemy crews members garage, tooled up to the teeth with 6 new car stealing gadget items, in true gone in 60 seconds fashion they try and make their getaway with as many vehicles as they can.
  4. Loot – A team of up to 7 players equipped with weaponry and special new items such as the duffel bag and the hard cash case can make their way to the enemies turf to steal un-collected rent. If successful a loot attack will kill heavies and bag and grab as much cash as they can fit in their duffle bags and cash suitcases.

Every attack type takes place in a special attack page, with its own team chat to make it easier to organise your goons. The first attack type which is due to be released will be the ‘Car Bomb’. A date for this will be announced shortly.

More to follow.

Street Crime Staff

Mug update and Hospital Importance

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Tonight we made a small but significant update to our mug and hospital systems and most importantly how they now interact. Mug has never before carried very much weight, it was a lightweight crime where you could steal a few bucks from a foe or friend, but never taken seriously. As of today, a successful mug attempt on another player will throw them into hospital for a short amount of time so they can recover. If you attempt to mug someone and fail you will also end up in hospital.

A new item has been introduced to shorten your hospital times called a “Morphine” hit. These can be found in the game in the form of morphine syringes and with each one used will reduce your hospital time by 2 minutes.

You can also now steal significantly more cash from another player than before and have an increased likelyhood of really annoying the other player with hospital hits.

Remember if your being hit by mug attempts regularly there are a number of things you can do, hide in your pad, move cities and buy the custody protection from the credits market (this will be available as of later this evening). All of these will prevent mug attempts from being made on you but will limit what you can do in the game (applies to all except flying to another city).

We hope you like it.
Street Crime Staff

Personal Bullet Factory Changes

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

From now on personal bullet factories will no longer automatically produce bullets.

To produce bullets you must visit your bullet factory from your turf and press the “Produce Bullets” button.

Bullets can be produced once per hour and the size of your factory will depend on the number of bullets that can be produced.

This change will benefit active players as you will be required to visit your factory to continue to produce the bullets.

Street Crime Staff

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