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Bullet factory releases

Friday, September 25th, 2020

Dear players.

As you will well know by now State currently owns all Bullet Factories in the game. The time has come to begin to release these out to players.

The schedule for releasing the bullet factories will be as follows;

  • – 2 Bullet factories will be sold at auction to the highest bidder, these will be listed at midday today and last for 3 days
  • – 3 will be given to the top 3 finishers in the this weekend’s Zombie Slayer competition (more on that later)
  • – 1 will be dropped between now 08:00am 25/09/2020 and weds 23:59 30/09/2020

The remaining 2 will continue to be owned by State in order to keep parity and ensure bullets remain available to other players.

Weekend Sale

There will be a sale starting 10:00 this morning and lasting until midnight Sunday.

Zombie slayer competition

A Zombie slayer competition will go live at 15:00 today and as usual last until complete. The top 3 players will each win a city bullet factory.

Other updates

  • – Turf damage repair costs have been reduced by 65% base on valuable feedback from players. It felt like the repair cost was too high for the defender.
  • – SMS settings can be configured again at my account and you can test it works (although at this present moment actual SMS sending will not occur).
  • – Passive account mode is activated but has no effect currently. Passive account mode can only be activated once per account and will prevent you from being killed or killing, owning city assets and becoming boss of a crew. If you are boss of a crew or have assets already you will not be able to activate the passive account mode. Anyone who has tested the mode already will have it reset again today whilst I release more of the supporting code for it.
  • – Turf move has been updated to allow for turf moves to take place more regularly and be possible without using credit items. More details on that in the previous post.

Look out for more changes coming next week. I aim to deliver all the discussed features from the last post in the next few days.

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