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Street Rumors!

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

What’s going on people? 🙂 Hope you are all doing ok and enjoying your stay on Street Crime.

As promised i’d like to tell you that starting since Thursday 25th October 18:00 (game time) the Zombie Slayer Competition will be active until the 1st of November at 12:00.

For those that don’t know how to play, you can find more informations and details here on this link :

And we will also like to officially salute our new colleagues that will be your tutors and helpers in any of the game-help related issues as of later today.

So everyone say Kudos to our HD Team. :

  • stalker_fapper
  • D_D_T
  • Trust_No_One

Welcome aboard guys, we all have high expectations from you.

As usual, for any problems or situations contact us, and remember to vote and like us on facebook! 🙂


Back on track!

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

Street-Crime has been in the same place for way too long ,it’s time to put the game in it’s well deserved spot. We will be doing our best to improve things  each day. I’m encouraging you all to send us your suggestions, ideas and bugs that you encounter during your play via HelpDesk.

I won’t make it any longer so here are some of the modifications that we have  recently taken.

Recent Updates :

  • Increased the Rent Collection time from 24 to 72 hours .
  • -1 member crew bug fixed.
  • Reduced prices for multiple credit items.
  • Some issues that could randomly appear with the Turf Repair page.

Future Plans:

  • Fixing the dead/banned crew bosses.
  • Reducing the costs of Turf Speed-Up.
  • A much more powerful anti-dupe policy.
  • More medals.
  • Competitions.
  • Adding new Leaderboards.

Remember to like us on Facebook and Twitter . Also keep in mind that voting can get you nice rewards and helps you by bringing more competition in the game.

We wish you a fantastic gaming experince.

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