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Easter Egg Hunt Competition

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Its been a while since our last competition so although we may be a little bit late we have decided to run an Easter Egg Hunt competition. The competition will run from now until 20:00 on Sunday 1st May. During this time you need to find as many eggs as you can.

Eggs are hidden around the game for you to find. As you collect more eggs you can begin to trade them in for a range of different prizes. You can build up your collection of eggs to try and get the best prize or you can trade in a smaller number of eggs for lesser prizes!

The prizes range from Direct Plane Tickets to Planning Orders! If you manage to get one of each egg you can trade them in for a special Easter Egg Collectors Medal for your profile.

Enjoy and get egg hunting!

Crew Limit Reduced

Friday, April 8th, 2011

Today we have reduced the limit on the number of crews from 68 to 50.

By doing this we hope to increase the importance and novelty of owning a crew which in turn will create more conflict points which makes for a more exciting game.

If you own a crew its time to work together and defend your position in the game as there are currently 68 crews in the game therefore no new crews can be created until the limit gets to 49!

Street Crime Staff

Release Of Kill 1.0 & Other Goodies

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Finally we have pushed out our flagship feature and the feature which makes the wheels go round in the world of Street Crime. After all what are words without action?

This is a massive update to the game and includes over 30 new achievements. As well as muchly improved scripts handling all of the types of Attacks. We will follow up this small update with a larger update which will attempt to explain some of the ins and outs of the features.

Don’t forget to sign on between tonight at 6pm and tommorow 6pm to receive your free 7 day trial membership. If you already have a membership then you will receive a free 7 day extension.

As per normal any bugs or problems please report immediately to an admin or member of staff. Failing to do so, or deliberately exploiting a problem will result in a punishment.

Good luck!

Street Crime Staff

Attack re-release announcement

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Kill to be released…again! 7th April at 15:00 (game time)

With a couple of weeks having passed since the previous attempt at releasing the much anticipated Kill system we are now in a position to re-release Kill. We are extremely sorry for the extended delay in releasing Kill however it was immediately obvious that the system was not stable enough therefore unfair on those who have spent many hours on their accounts.

Over the past few weeks we have evaluated what went wrong then set to work on ensuring this did not happen again. Although no major issues were found a range of different inconsistencies were found causing indifferent results. These have all been resolved and after lots and lots of testing (see below for more information) we are confident of a smooth release this time round.

Some players were disappointed by the inability to use some weapons so we are pleased to announce that all weapons will be available to use this time round, let the fun begin!

Street Crime test evening success

After such a disappointing outcome with our first attempt at releasing Kill we were determined not to let this happen again. It was therefore decided that more thorough testing was required from a wider range of subjects under normal gaming conditions.

This naturally created the idea of holding our first in-house testing evening in which a range of users would put the system through its paces in an attempt to find inconsistencies or break it! The evening, fueled with (lots of) Pizza, (too many) Cookies and Coke, was a great success with the system holding up well and all participants having fun, after-all thats the idea, isn’t it?

7 days free membership…

Having promised Kill a few weeks ago and not delivering on our promise we had to hold our hands up and apologise. To further show our apologies for the delayed release in Kill we are offering every* single player 7 days free premium + membership.

To get your 7 days free premium + membership all you have to do is login between Thursday 7th April 18:00 and Friday 8th April 18:00! Its so simple, don’t miss out of this great opportunity to go premium + for 7 days totally free!

New achievements

As well as resolving the issues with Kill we spent some time adding more than 20 new achievements to keep you all occupied! Thanks to everyone who spent time to suggest some new achievement ideas. If your idea was not implemented don’t be put off as we are always looking for new ideas in all areas of the game.

Other adjustments and changes

We have also made some important changes to other aspects of the game these include reducing the amount of time to train your gun, reducing the amount of time required to train a heavy and you now have the ability to hire more than one turf spy at a time. We hope these adjustments will make the game even more enjoyable for everyone.

Street Crime Staff

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