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Street Crime & The Future

Monday, May 21st, 2012

As many of you will know by now, the last few months on Street Crime have been quite turbulent and we do apologise for this. To fill you in on what’s been happening if your not up to speed, we (Bytewire) as a company have been deciding whether we have time to run Street Crime properly or not and whether it fits our portfolio going forward.

Elliot and I have been running Street Crime for over 4 years now and it’s been a fabulous time – it’s our baby. Naturally we don’t want to let it go and would love to continue working on it 24/7 but as i’m sure lots of you are familiar, sometimes you just gotta do what pays the bills. Our company has transitioned heavily away from full time management of Street Crime to managing other projects and clients, this is currently where we see our business growing.

Because of this we felt like we could not dedicate the sorts of development time all of you lovely people deserve. Just over a month ago we made a decision to solicit bids on Street Crime on the popular The auction was un-successful. This decision was not one we took lightly and that is reflected in the final outcome of the sale. Many of you will already know, we did not accept any bids and did not have our reserve price met, this was somewhat deflating, but in truth answered a few lingering questions for us. By attempting a sale we now know that, we would not sell for a cut price just to get rid of what we have with all of our loyal players and we will now be actively starting up development again on the game.

I would be lieing if I told you to all expect massive changes and bug fixes straight away, but I think you can expect some changes and a bit of a shake up pretty quickly. The good news is that we’ll be developing the game and working on pushing it forward, hopefully with the support of all of you we can bring this place back to it’s former glory.

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