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Changes to Life Insurance and other elements of the game

Monday, February 28th, 2011

This evening we have been busy making a few small tweaks in preparation for the upcoming feature: Kill. More on Kill later this week, make sure you stay tuned as we have some important announcements to make very shortly.

We would like you to take note of some of the tweaks that have been pushed into the game this evening. We made some changes to the Life Insurance plans, including the definition of what you will receive back on your next character in terms of cash, bullets, inventory, plot, and gym stats. We’ve also made a change to the way health replenishment works in Street Crime. Until this evening every user will have regained 10% health regardless, on the hour every hour. Now very much like America, if you do not have any health insurance at all you will only receive +3 health an hour, if you own any type of insurance you will gain +10 an hour. This is to help emphasise the importance of owning life insurance for players. Also please note, that this is not the only way of regaining aspects of your previous account back, but it is the most comprehensive. Other aspects of gaining your old account aspects back will become clear when Kill is released.

We’ve also added a new feature called ‘Storage box’ this will become available tommorow, when it is available we will explain where you can find it and what its purpose is.

Stay tuned for more exciting news tommorow as we gear up for the release of Kill.

Street Crime Staff

25% off credits in our new test shop tommorow only

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Tommorow between 12-5pm game time we will be testing a module of our new shop. Boasting 25% off credits! This shop has significant importance to upcoming features we will announce more at midday tommorow.

Street Crime Staff

Valentines Day – Cupid Respect Points

Monday, February 14th, 2011

To celebrate Valentines Day, Between 5pm tonight and 9am tommorow morning every respect vote given will count as triple its normal worth. Fire your Cupid arrows tonight to earn extra respect points.

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