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Distribution Competition

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

We have come up with a brand new competition idea which has not been used on Street Crime before, its called the Distribution Competition. This competition will separate those who can manage time and energy well against those who can’t.

The competition will begin at 17:00 (game time) on 21st July 2011 and will run for exactly 2 days ending at 17:00 (game time) on 23rd July 2011.

How it works

  • Every 10 minutes you will be given 5 boxes in your inventory.
  • Boxes are given in batches of 5 and you can only have 5 at a time e.g. if you have 1 remaining box your batch will be replenished to 5 after 10 minutes, you will never have more than 5 boxes at a time.
  • You must distribute the boxes as quickly as possible at the distribution center.
  • For every normal box that you distribute you will be given one point.
  • Special boxes can be found by attempting Jobs which count as 25 normal boxes.

The prizes

There are two types of prizes Competition Prizes and Milestone Prizes. Competition prizes will go to the top 3 players with the most points at the end of the competition. Milestone prizes are available for everyone and can be earnt at differing levels of points with the prize getting better with each milestone.

We hope you enjoy the competition and good luck!

Street Crime Staff

New vehicles released

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Today we have released 8 new vehicles into Street Crime, most of you will have probably noticed one or two but have you got all 8 yet?

There is a range of low and top end vehicles to be found so get stealing and see if you can become the first person to steal one of the new vehicles.

Good luck

Street Crime Staff

Gangster Photo Album

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Ever wanted to see the people who you talk to on Street Crime? Here’s a perfect chance, Street Crime now has its own Photo Album for players to submit their pictures to. If you submit a picture which follows all the rules outlined and your picture is accepted you will receive 200 prestige points.

Please ensure you follow the rules outlined on the Photo Album page to ensure that your picture is valid.

Go the to Photo Album now >>

Street Crime Staff

Life Insurance & Other Upgrades

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Today as promised we have launched the all new life insurance policies page. Life insurance will allow your character to start preparing for that dark day when perhaps you get sent 6 feet under, before you feel your time had really come. You might feel down and you might feel like your hard work was all for nothing. However fear not, if you get yourself a good life insurance policy and plan ahead, your death can be quickly avenged. There are different life insurance policies available ranging in price and value. With the top insurance policy you can get all your inventory items back, up to 75% cash, up to 75% ammo and inherit some of your previous characters stats and rank! This means when you die you can bounce back and avenge yourself quickly!

We also added some extra goodies in today’s installation of new scripts, including a brand new detectives page which solved a slight issue we had overlooked regarding mission characters. This will now be fixed and working nicely again. You can also now view active special items and how long they have remaining at your criminal record page and we also made a small tweak to the crew hq page.

Some of you will have had open safety deposit box’s which you will have been notified of being closed. We have closed the saftey deposit box feature and replaced it with the life insurance feature. Those of you with open safety deposit box’s will now have your original deposit amounts returned to your characters cash and bullets.


Attack Progress Update

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

We are now moving into the final stages of development and testing of the attack and kill functionality, so we thought we would show you some screenshots and pictures of whats to come.

The above screenshots are but a handful of whats to come!
As you will know we are working hard to finish this and it we are now on the home stretch but we won’t announce release of all of the new features until we are 100% happy that everything works as it should and we have worked all bugs out of the system as best as we can.

Heres some more stuff coming into the game when we release the features.

Heavy Weaponry

The RPG is one of 3 all new heavy weaponry guns never before seen in any street crime version, these heavy weapons fire unique rocket ammunition and carry a significant punch when trying to damage a fellow gangsters turf.

Some New Credit Items

Double Exp, allows you to equip your character for 24 hours with double experience from everything in the game, allowing for ultra fast ranking. Would be especially handy if you wanted to rank quickly back up to get your own back on a guy that killed you.
Energiser Plus is a new credit item which can be equipped to your character for 7 days and allows you to regenerate energy at double the normal rate.
Chaffeur allows your character to ship cars to and from cities which you are currently not in and last for 7 days.

Stay tuned gangsters!

City Bulletfactories increase production

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Today the city bulletfactories stepped up production in anticipation for the release of the hugely awaited feature….Kill.

The bulletfactories will now produce 500 bullets per hour in each factory, this is double the previous production.

Make sure you take advantage of this and stock up your account!

Street Crime Staff

Gangster Competition: Create Video

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Having recently created a help page which contains tutorial videos on a range of categories including troubleshooting and getting started we have decided to run a competition for gangsters to create their own videos. Up for grabs are some fantastic prizes so get creative and come up with the best video possible.

Once you have created your master piece, whether its a informative video on how to use a certain aspect of Street Crime or whether you chose to showcase the life of a gangster, simply upload the video and submit the URL on the competition page.

You have until 18:00 on 1st February 2009 to submit your video so you have plenty of time to produce a masterpiece!

Click here to see what prizes are up for grabs and to enter the competition >>

Feature Update

Monday, December 14th, 2009

This afternoon we have released some very important updates to the turf feature. It came to our attention last week that despite thorough testing of turfs functionality we slightly overlooked the profitability and effect the new buildings would have on your revenues and income per day. After some more testing we decided to make some changes to its function. Please read the below carefully.

Profits per hour for every building apart from the brothel and the nightclub have been adjusted.

View another players turf, you can now view another players turf by visiting the link on there profile or by visiting the link next to the turf within a district. You can only get a visual representation of what they have built on it as not to give too much away.

Turf maintenance has been added. In order for us to control the money in the game and also improve the experience and gameplay online for all of you, we have decided to require every player to maintain his/her turf at least once every 48 hours. Our decision to make this change was because we don’t think it is fair on active players that an inactive account would still receive his/her hourly revenues from the turf regardless of whether they are ever online or not. We decided in a real life situation you would not build a apartment and then all of a sudden begin making the same amount of money every day by simply doing nothing, life unfortunately is a little bit tougher than that. Realistically you would need to manage the residence and constant upkeep of the building as well.

Turf maintenance works as follows:
When you visit your turf page you will notice a new button in the top right that will take you through to the turf maintenance. Here the first step is to set up a convenient time of the day to manage your turf, you can choose between any hour of the day (as default we have set every player to 20:00). Buildings on your turf will make 100% profit if they are maintained on a daily basis! In order for them to continue to do this, you have one hour each day between the time you specified and the next hour to complete the maintenance. If you fail to complete the maintenance within an hour, all is not lost….your buildings will continue to make half the revenue they do when fully maintained for a further 24 hours after your first chance to maintain them. You can select to maintain specific buildings only or do them all at once! Which way you choose to do it is entirely up to you.

Moving your turf works as follows:
When you visit your turf page you will notice a new button in the top right that will take you through to the moving your turf page. Here you can select a new district within any city map that you decide would be a better home for your turf or perhaps you joined a crew which require you to move your turf to a district in the city they are dominating. Its very simple really, you choose to move within the same city or a different city then depending on your choice select a district within that city for your turf. Once you have decided where to go, the system will tell you how much it will cost to move your turf there. If you choose to proceed you will notice that while your turf is in transit to its new location you will not be able to make any changes or even see your turf. Once the time ticks down and your turf has arrived, everything will be back to normal and you can once again manage your turf. Please note when you choose to move your turf, if you were the don of that district you will lose it. You are only allowed to be don of one district regardless of whether you become don and then move your turf to try and become don of another.

Good luck
Street Crime staff

Street Crime releases new look

Friday, November 20th, 2009

This evening we unveiled Street Crimes new homepage. After lots of hard work we are pleased with the result and hope you like the new look and feel to it.

The new homepage is more interactive and shows off key aspects of the game whilst allowing you to learn more about the game before signing up.

We also hope the overall sign up and login process will now be alot more pleasant experience for you all.

Stay tuned for many more updates over the next week.

Street Crime Staff

Halloween Features

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Tonight we have added some special halloween features!

Zombie Slayer – Take part in a mass slaying of zombies! Each zombie you kill will earn you some zombie kill points. The higher the zombie level the more zombie kill points you will earn. If you dont think you can take on a certain zombie, maybe a high leveled one, you can run and you will be automatically allocated a new target. The top 5 slayers next friday morning will be rewarded with special prizes! If you fight with your fists, training your strength at the gym will help! Join the fight!

Halloween Missions – 2 New special halloween missions have been added! Take a look here.

Special halloween premium items – See them here >>

We have also added some special halloween in game items and enabled item finding on GTA.

Street Crime Staff

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