Halloween Features

Tonight we have added some special halloween features!

Zombie Slayer – Take part in a mass slaying of zombies! Each zombie you kill will earn you some zombie kill points. The higher the zombie level the more zombie kill points you will earn. If you dont think you can take on a certain zombie, maybe a high leveled one, you can run and you will be automatically allocated a new target. The top 5 slayers next friday morning will be rewarded with special prizes! If you fight with your fists, training your strength at the gym will help! Join the fight!

Halloween Missions – 2 New special halloween missions have been added! Take a look here.

Special halloween premium items – See them here >>

We have also added some special halloween in game items and enabled item finding on GTA.

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  1. MaffiaMonopoly says:

    This is a great idea to implement in a maffiagame. Players like themed missions like for halloween or christmas (kill santaclause) etc.

    Great suggestion!

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