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Halloween Features

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Tonight we have added some special halloween features!

Zombie Slayer – Take part in a mass slaying of zombies! Each zombie you kill will earn you some zombie kill points. The higher the zombie level the more zombie kill points you will earn. If you dont think you can take on a certain zombie, maybe a high leveled one, you can run and you will be automatically allocated a new target. The top 5 slayers next friday morning will be rewarded with special prizes! If you fight with your fists, training your strength at the gym will help! Join the fight!

Halloween Missions – 2 New special halloween missions have been added! Take a look here.

Special halloween premium items – See them here >>

We have also added some special halloween in game items and enabled item finding on GTA.

Street Crime Staff


Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Over the past few weeks we have given you some heads ups that we are planning kill and everything that will go into it. We have now finished this stage and are ready to announce to you all our plans. We know we have been quiet over the last week or so but please still continue to support us by voting and inviting your friends to play so that the game can continue to grow.

We wanted to try and make Kill original and different from all the other mafia / gangster games out there, to do so we decided to go all out. We don’t want to give too much away yet as our new system will be much different to everything that you are all used too, but its also much more fun, less of a pain when you die and involves more planning and work than just clicking a button.

To implement the new system we are also making some MASSIVE changes to some of the existing features, which are also going to be fantastic and much more fun and involving than how they currently work.

We are also going to be launching a task based tutorial in the next few days, which will take you through the game in some really neat steps.

Also lookout for our special halloween events.

Street Crime Staff

First 3 Players Make Godfather

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Street Crime would like to congratulate the first 3 gangsters of version 3 on reaching the prestigious rank of Godfather. The first 3 gangsters were Casanova, Tyrasa and fat and ginga each of them has received a special Street Crime prize.

Look out for more competitions soon!

Street Crime Staff

Tonights Short Downtime

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

This evening between roughly 7.40 and 8.30pm gametime we had approximately 50 minutes of down time. We apologise for this. The issue is fixed and the server is now fully operational again so get your game back on!

Street Crime Staff

In Game Update / City Property Release Schedule

Monday, September 28th, 2009

This evening we have announced the City Property release schedule for all Casinos and Bullet Factories. You can see the list by visiting droplist if you are logged in. On this page you will see the city properties due to be released in the next 7 days (this page updates automatically so keep checking back). There are two different methods of city properties being released Auction or Drop. Drop means that the city property will be set to no owner at around the time specified in the drop list for the first player to get there and take it over! Auction means the city property will go for sale 3 days prior to the end time in the ‘Auctions’ page under the ‘City’ menu and at the specified end time the highest standing bidder will become the new owner. You must be at least rank Enforcer to hold a casino and at least Mob Boss to hold a bulletfactory.

Today we also have tweaked a few areas of the game to tailor better for the current demand, this included some changes to the amount of bullets produced by your personal bullet factories and the amount of lead gained from dominating cities amongst other things.

Bullet Factories are now producing 250 bullets an hour and buying lead from players for a reasonable price, if no reasonably priced lead is available then the city Bullet Factories simply will not produce!

Street Crime Staff

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