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Organised Crime Changes

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Today we have made some important changes to Organised Crimes please all read carefully.

All Organised Crimes have to be completed within 24 hours of being started otherwise they will be automatically dismantled. All members of the organised crime team will receive 90% of there investments back or if you are the driver you will receive your vehicle back. The leader of the team will receive nothing back and be jailed for 1 hour as punishment for his or hers lack of organisation and or going offline and leaving the rest of the team stuck.

If you are dropped from the team or the leader dismantles the team you will now also receive 90% of your investments back or if your are the driver, your vehicle back.

There is also one other important change to the Organised Crime when you tell the boss you are ready, if after 4 hours the leader has not completed the organised crime or the team is still not ready, you will have a new option to leave the team. If you choose to leave using this button then you will once again receive 90% of your investments back or if your are the driver, your vehicle back.

However if you choose to leave before you have even told the leader you are ready you will as before receive nothing back.

Street Crime Staff

In Game Update / City Property Release Schedule

Monday, September 28th, 2009

This evening we have announced the City Property release schedule for all Casinos and Bullet Factories. You can see the list by visiting droplist if you are logged in. On this page you will see the city properties due to be released in the next 7 days (this page updates automatically so keep checking back). There are two different methods of city properties being released Auction or Drop. Drop means that the city property will be set to no owner at around the time specified in the drop list for the first player to get there and take it over! Auction means the city property will go for sale 3 days prior to the end time in the ‘Auctions’ page under the ‘City’ menu and at the specified end time the highest standing bidder will become the new owner. You must be at least rank Enforcer to hold a casino and at least Mob Boss to hold a bulletfactory.

Today we also have tweaked a few areas of the game to tailor better for the current demand, this included some changes to the amount of bullets produced by your personal bullet factories and the amount of lead gained from dominating cities amongst other things.

Bullet Factories are now producing 250 bullets an hour and buying lead from players for a reasonable price, if no reasonably priced lead is available then the city Bullet Factories simply will not produce!

Street Crime Staff

Street Crime Game Feature: Stores

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

In the upcoming version of the gangster game, Street Crime, we will be introducing a new feature. Stores are where you can purchase a wide range of equipment to use within the game to enhance your character. There are 6 stores:

Weapon Store:

Here you can purchase a variety of different guns which give you higher attack bonuses which in turn mean you require less bullets to attack another player.

Protection Store:

This store gives you the option to purchase different varieties of protection which give your character a higher defence bonus. A higher defence bonus means that opposing players will require more bullets to do damage to your character.

Transport Store:

The transport store sells planes and ships. Planes reduce the amount of time between travelling between cities. Players travel between cities for various reasons such as to sell drugs or to gamble at the different casino tables. Ships reduce the amount of time it takes to ship a car between cities. Each car that is stolen at the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) page is required to be shipped to another city immediately to prevent the police from confiscating the vehicle.

SC Store:

This store sells additional bonus items for your character which you can purchase with Street Crime Credits. Street Crime Credits can be purchased with real money. The bonus items include items such as a weapon, protection and plane which have even greater attributes than those which can be purchased for in game money. Other items such as Rank Bars, Reset wait timers and Street Crime cash.

General Store:

The General Store sells replenishment items such as health packs and energy enhancement items. These can be used to increase your health if you have been attacked and increase your energy back to its optimum level.

Tool Store:

This store sells a range of tools which are required for a number of features on Street Crime including Driveby, Jobs and Organised Crime. The tools in the store include items such as Crowbar’s, Knuckle Duster’s and Baseball Bat’s.

Stay tuned for information on more features in the Street Crime Gangster Game.

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