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Christmas Giveaway

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

This Christmas we have decided to do something different! We are giving away some fantastic prizes worth over £100. Entering for the Christmas draw is extremely easy and free, simply refer 2 friends who then reach the rank of gangster to qualify! 3 Lucky winners will be choosen on the competition closing date which is the 2nd of January 2010.

Prizes up for grabs

• Razer Abyssus Pro Gaming Mouse – See more here
• Razer Goliathus Gaming Mouse Mat – See more here
• Razer Piranha Gaming Headset – See more here
• Unique Street Crime Logo Cufflinks


1. Referalls must be from a different IP address – this will be monitored manually.
2. 1 entry per IP address, duplicate entries from multiple accounts with the same IP will be void!
3. Sending more than 2 invites to different friends is permitted!

Enter the competition now >>>>

Infection Outbreak Round 2

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

A new infection has broken out amongst humans, 10,000 new flesh craving zombies are roaming Street Crime, just waiting to be slayed!

Join the fight now >>>

The top 5 slayers of this round will be reward with special prizes, including credits and credit items.

Good luck
Street Crime Staff

Zombie Infection Round 1 Complete

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

Yesterday the Zombie Infection was contained and we are pleased to announce the winners.

  • First Place – T-Milli with 10719 total points
  • Second Place – Mandries with 8337 total points
  • Third Place – Crydon with 7103 total points
  • Fourth Place – Krrak with 6338 total points
  • Fifth – Rhapsody with 4725 total points

The prizes they earnt are as follows:

  • First Place – $10,000,000 cash suitcase & 5,000 bullet pack & 100 Credits
  • Second Place – $5,000,000 cash suitcase & 2,500 bullet pack & 75 Credits
  • Third Place – $3,000,000 cash suitcase & 500 bullet pack & 50 Credits
  • Fourth Place – $1,000,000 cash suitcase & 500 bullet pack & 30 Credits
  • Fifth – $1,000,000 cash suitcase & 15 Credits

Congratulations to all the winners we wish them luck with there prizes!

Sometime throughout today the infection could once again ravage Street Crime, so watch out for some more walking undead to slay! You have been warned!

Street Crime Staff

Zombie Infection

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

The first out break of zombie infections is under control! It will be fully contained when all the current zombies are eliminated. Following this we will work out the top 5 slayers, and each will receive a special gift.

However be warned infections might start again!

Street Crime Staff

Automated Script Prevention

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

To further prevent scripting we have added some nice little security measures to our anti script page. At random we will be showing different types of anti script checkers, using different methods of verification. We do not allow scripting and we want to make that very clear.

Street Crime Staff

Organised Crime Changes

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Today we have made some important changes to Organised Crimes please all read carefully.

All Organised Crimes have to be completed within 24 hours of being started otherwise they will be automatically dismantled. All members of the organised crime team will receive 90% of there investments back or if you are the driver you will receive your vehicle back. The leader of the team will receive nothing back and be jailed for 1 hour as punishment for his or hers lack of organisation and or going offline and leaving the rest of the team stuck.

If you are dropped from the team or the leader dismantles the team you will now also receive 90% of your investments back or if your are the driver, your vehicle back.

There is also one other important change to the Organised Crime when you tell the boss you are ready, if after 4 hours the leader has not completed the organised crime or the team is still not ready, you will have a new option to leave the team. If you choose to leave using this button then you will once again receive 90% of your investments back or if your are the driver, your vehicle back.

However if you choose to leave before you have even told the leader you are ready you will as before receive nothing back.

Street Crime Staff

V3 Release Date Announced

Friday, September 18th, 2009

After many months of hard work we are very pleased to finally announce the launch date of V3! On thursday the 24th of September 2009 at 19:00 GMT+1 time v3 will go live to everyone. V3 is the third installment of our much loved Street Crime.

Street Crime V3 is loaded with new features and is a whole new take on the games of old, it also has an all new interface which makes playing the game even more enjoyable!

You can pre-register to get updates and news in the weeks building up to the launch date here.

You can also follow us on twitter and facebook.

Make sure your there for the launch date too make sure you get a good start in the new game!

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