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Car Bomb Release Date Announced

Friday, September 10th, 2010

It has been a long and winding road for Street Crime in terms of the Attack system. Many ideas have come and gone in the past months as we aimed to make it something worthwhile. With a plan in progress we began working on the system which if you look back at previous posts you will be aware comes in 4 parts: Car Bomb, Car Heist, Loot and Attack.

The time has come for us to release the first part of attack, yes you read it right, which will be Car Bomb. The car bomb system will involve a team of 2 players, the leader packs a car full of C4 explosives and a detonator. They then make their way to the enemies turf and attempt to detonate the car bomb and make their escape. If successful, car bombs can do significant damage to a small amount of buildings, disrupting cash flow, lead and bullet production.

Car bomb will be released on Thurs 23rd September @ 4pm.

Car bomb will give you that opportunity to gain some revenge on those gangsters who think they’re better than you, its pay back time! See how much destruction you can cause on your enemies turf by setting car bombs off outside their buildings! There is also a possibility of other updates being released at this time so make sure you’re online to find out what they are!

Other news

We are aware that we have been quiet over the past month or two but we can assure you we are working hard behind the scenes to ensure Street Crime develops as we all want it to.

There have been various tweaks which you may have seen whilst playing the game such as new cars, upgrades to Porn Studio and a smoother running game. We will continue to develop the attack system as we push out the remaining 3 parts to complete the attack system implementation which you have all been waiting for.

Street Crime Staff

Welcome back to Street Crime V3

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

We’d like to say a warm welcome back to all of you gunning gangsters! We hope that your all enjoying the new scenery, features and gameplay hopefully you will all agree that it is hugely improved. We’d also like to take this opportunity to pledge to you even more new features and additions / upgrades to the game over the next few months. Our aim is to build street crime into not only a great game but also a great place to be!

To do this we need all your help, you can invite friends to the game using tons of different tools – facebook/twitter/hotmail contacts/ and taking the time to invite just one or two friends can really make the difference. Else you can vote for us daily on the voting topsites here vote page >>.
Just doing one of these things either daily or every now and again when you have the time can really help to make street crime grow and be a better place for us all!

We also love new ideas! If you have a new idea send a message to an admin.

In a few days we will also be announcing the drop schedule for the casinos and bullet factories, so watch out for more information on that.

Otherwise a warm welcome back to the game and thanks very much for signing up.
Good luck on the streets.
Street Crime Staff.

Street Crime Game Feature: Stores

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

In the upcoming version of the gangster game, Street Crime, we will be introducing a new feature. Stores are where you can purchase a wide range of equipment to use within the game to enhance your character. There are 6 stores:

Weapon Store:

Here you can purchase a variety of different guns which give you higher attack bonuses which in turn mean you require less bullets to attack another player.

Protection Store:

This store gives you the option to purchase different varieties of protection which give your character a higher defence bonus. A higher defence bonus means that opposing players will require more bullets to do damage to your character.

Transport Store:

The transport store sells planes and ships. Planes reduce the amount of time between travelling between cities. Players travel between cities for various reasons such as to sell drugs or to gamble at the different casino tables. Ships reduce the amount of time it takes to ship a car between cities. Each car that is stolen at the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) page is required to be shipped to another city immediately to prevent the police from confiscating the vehicle.

SC Store:

This store sells additional bonus items for your character which you can purchase with Street Crime Credits. Street Crime Credits can be purchased with real money. The bonus items include items such as a weapon, protection and plane which have even greater attributes than those which can be purchased for in game money. Other items such as Rank Bars, Reset wait timers and Street Crime cash.

General Store:

The General Store sells replenishment items such as health packs and energy enhancement items. These can be used to increase your health if you have been attacked and increase your energy back to its optimum level.

Tool Store:

This store sells a range of tools which are required for a number of features on Street Crime including Driveby, Jobs and Organised Crime. The tools in the store include items such as Crowbar’s, Knuckle Duster’s and Baseball Bat’s.

Stay tuned for information on more features in the Street Crime Gangster Game.

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