Gameplay tweaks player information for 13 July 2020 @ 15:00 GMT+1


We mentioned in the Attack + Kill blog post previous to this one, other features/tweaks that have taken place during. Here is a quick rundown. Apologies if we miss some off

Gameplay changes

  • New Bodyguard code to handle bodyguards role in Attacks
  • Bodyguards killed in Attacks now earn prestige and honourpoints
  • Bodyguards Bug Fixes & costing re-worked
  • Prestige & Honourpoints earned by the attackers are now also lost on the defender. I.E. you lose prestige + honourpoints for losing attacks
  • Attack reports re-worked so that they now show more clearly information about the attack but also represent the prestige + honourpoints earnt for each component
  • Various Attack + Kill UI bug fixes
  • All attacks and kill now require energy. Kill + Attack = 20 & Carbomb & Loot = 14. Each member participating must have the required energy
  • Prestige & Honourpoints are now earnt/lost when performing mugs on other players
  • UI tweaks: airport more prominent, space saving on the left menu, and turf gets its own drop down menu making garage a little more accessible
  • Smooth new signup process
  • Returning from Hell although not too disimilar in looks is completely re-coded
  • Turf has reverted back to a single button to collect all rent
  • Turf Bug fixes to rent accrual
  • Completely removed the random turf events. Buildings will only get damaged from attacks
  • Bug fix: Chat windows correctly scroll accross the site
  • UI tweaks in Turf
  • Casinos and assets no longer have pickup licenses
  • Increased % of finding items whilst performing crimes throughout the game
  • Duffel bags + Hard case suitcase added as credit items (useful in loots)
  • Pricing models re-worked for memberships and credits

Tech changes

  • Migrated from a static server in AWS to Kubernetes in GCP.
  • Introduced a fully automated deployent pipeline, allowing for seamless code bugfixes+updates without damaging the player experience at all
  • Complete re-write of the foundational code (this was fairly dated by this point)
  • Added a logging engine, to give us more awareness at any one time of the system & errors, whilst (as best we can) keeping those errors from user frontend
  • Taken the time to containerise the stack, meaning that it is now very easy for other developers to work on this project.
  • Seperated the various components of the game into microservices, so we can scale the crap out of any layer now!
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