Achievements, Stores, Weapons and More

Today we released a few new features into the game as well as updated quite a few different aspects of the game which required attention as we gear up towards the eagerly anticipated release of attack! Below is just a run down of what was included in the update.


There are now 40+ achievements for you all to work towards unlocking with better scope for us to release more as the game progresses. Some of the achievements you will, unfortunately, have to achieve again such as Globetrotter and Drug Lord however some such as Complete all missions just require you to access the missions page to receive your reward.

* Note: Prostitute profits have been reset due to the release of the new achievement.


We have had a total revamp of the stores page including protection store, transport store, honor points store. We have also released two completely new stores: Weapon Store and Ammo Store. Weapon store gives you the opportunity to purchase weapons from a choice of more than 20 different weapons which will unlock with varying requirements such as rank and honor. Finally the Ammo store allows you to trade your bullets which you made or purchased into sniper bullets or rockets for use with some of the heavy weapons available.

Weapon Locker:

Your inventory now includes a weapon locker which allows you to manage the weapons you own. You can unlock additional weapon slots through the game or from the credit store this allows you to train more weapons simultaneously. You have the ability to choose a sidearm, primary weapon and some equipment. Soon you will be able to train up your weapons at the shooting range, stay tuned for this update which is coming soon!


Some of you may of noticed various other aspects of the game which have been tweaked. The menu has been adjusted slightly to incorporate Achievements and Depot with the footer world icon being renamed Cities. The ruby page has had a small adjustment made to include the ability to exchange 3 ruby’s for an additional weapon slot. The city bank now uses compound interest when banking for a week. Cities page now displays which of each casino type has the highest max bet.

We all hope you enjoy the new updates and stay tuned for more updates next week!

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