Prestige replaces Honor

It came to our attention over the weekend that honor points were commonly getting confused with honor. So in the light of this situation we decided to make a change, we changed what was formally known as Honor to Prestige. This should help to clear up the obvious confusion of using two different things with the same or similar names, whilst also giving us the opportunity to drop prestige into the game and make more of that.

Honor points remain the currency of which you can spend in the honor points store and also remain a perk in all of the places they were previously.

We also made some changes around the game to give Prestige a little more weight and you can expect to see further additions to this as we go forward. Prestige now hopefully will give users a good indication of who are the most experienced players in the game. Prestige for other users can be found simply by browsing there profile page. Where rank stops, prestige will continue to grow.

Prestige can be earnt currently through achieving any of the various achievements, pulling off successful organised crimes and ranking up in the game.

Street Crime Staff

Dave (Author)
Dave is one of the directors and lead developers for Bytewire Limited. He spends most of his time working on Bytewires online game Street Crime. You can find him at his home here.

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