Shooting Range

This afternoon we implemented our new shooting range! It allows you to train with more than one weapon at the shooting range and gain experience with that weapon. By gaining experience with your weapon you will gain accuracy, skill and efficiency when firing it. This will help you in the latter features of the game, due out soon.

Warning: If you navigate away from the shooting range whilst it is in progress, you will still lose your cash, bullets and energy but you will not gain any experience with your gun. We have taken measures to make this less tempting and easy to do, but you have been warned.

Old shooting range experience will become irrelevant, unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this simply due to the fact that experience can now be earnt for different weapons seperately.

Leveling your gun up requires energy, and some weapons require more energy than others. Especially the heavy weaponry such as miniguns, rpgs and sniper rifles.

Equipment cannot be trained at the shooting range.

Dave (Author)
Dave is one of the directors and lead developers for Bytewire Limited. He spends most of his time working on Bytewires online game Street Crime. You can find him at his home here.

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