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Feature Upgrades, Fixes and Bugs

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

We are continuing to work on all areas of Street Crime and hope to improve gameplay for everyone. We have been a little quiet on what we have been up to lately so here is a run down of some of the things we have been working on and what you can all look forward to. If you want to see this on a more regular basis you can check the Development Log.

Feature Upgrade – Tomorrow Afternoon:

– Tomorrow afternoon we will be implementing a big feature upgrade, we have been working on this for a number of weeks now and we hope you will all like the changes we make. For this upgrade to take place we expect the site to be down for up to 2 hours in order to make sure everything is working smoothly. We are very excited about this upgrade and hope you will be too. Make sure your online tomorrow to see for yourself!

Small Changes/Fixes:

Along with the big feature upgrade taking place tomorrow we have also been making small changes to the game over the last few weeks:

  • New Homepages
  • Auctions now charge 10% fee
  • Crew bunker fix – you can now invite the correct number of people
  • Criminal Record now shows your Jail Busts
  • Mission 2 – Finding Don Leechy: Don Leechy now moves cities each week
  • Gym and Getaway have been changed to AJAX to make it smoother to use
  • Optional minimised header and footer to make gameplay easier for those with smaller screens


This afternoon there was a bug with the hitlist which meant people were getting hitlisted for large sums of money which the person making the hit did not have. This has been resolved and all invalid hits have been removed.

The Future:

Not only have there been some excellent ideas in the Ideas Topic we also have some ideas of our own on ways we can improve Street Crime. Once the feature upgrade tomorrow is complete this leaves us in the position to complete the Kill feature which we no you have all been waiting for. Make use of those precious few days you have left to rank up your account and make as much money as you can, once Kill is out, your on your own!

Street Crime Staff

Halloween comes to an end…

Friday, November 13th, 2009

We hope you all enjoyed the new features and potions introduced throughout the Halloween period however all good things come to and end.

As mentioned previously we would be ending all Halloween features today, however you have one last chance to finish any missions you have outstanding, kill as many more zombies as you can and purchase any Brain Slushie’s etc that you want.

All Halloween features will be taken out of the game at 6 PM game time, this give you a further 45 minutes. Remember once we have taken the Halloween features out this will not be available to purchase any of the special potions again.

We hope you all enjoyed the zombie slaying, extra missions and quenching your thirst on those juicy Brain Slushie’s.

Street Crime Staff

Zombie Round 2: Update

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

It appears that slaying zombies wasn’t attractive enough before, so weve made the prizes somewhat better!

First place: 200 credits – Equivalent to £21.40
Second place 150 credits – Equivalent to £17.85
Third place 100 credits – Equivalent to £13.00
Fourth place 75 credits – Equivalent to £10.15
Fifth place 50 credits – Equivalent to £7.05

We hope this makes slaying some zombies a little more attractive!

Street Crime Staff

Bullet Factory Release Amended

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

Due to kill and all the additional changes required to the other features regarding kill having not been completed yet we have decided it would be a big advantage to those who held the bullet factories without the possibility of being killed.

We have therefore delayed the release of the bullet factories in order to keep the game balance even between all players.

We are sorry for the delay, stay tuned for more information about the release of kill and bullet factories.

Street Crime Staff

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