Halloween Weekend + New Items

As its Halloween this weekend and we always try and do something fun for the major holidays / events across the year and as our poll that we ran during this week suggests the majority of you would like to see Zombie Slayer back. We have decided to give our friendly Street Crime Zombies another outing.

In the usual manner at 18:00 game time this evening the Zombies will be unleashed onto the streets of Street Crime. Special prizes will be available for the top 5 players and top 3 crews who accrue the most points through slaying Zombies.

Halloween Special Items

In addition to this we have added the old classic’s back to the street crime store. This includes Brain Slushies, Bat Juice and Warewolf Moonlight they can be found under the offers tab of the store and will be available until monday morning at 09:00 game time.

We have also added the special pumpkin item to be found again though normal methods of finding items as you play the game.

New Items

On top of this we have released 2 new items into circulation, the “Duffle Bag” and the “Hard Case Suitcase” these are both brand new items. They have specific usages in the upcoming attack feature called Loot, they are only able to be stolen through usual means, I.E a pettycrime or a gta.

We hope you like the changes & Happy Halloween.

Street Crime Staff


dave (Author)
Lead Developer of Street Crime & Full time professional engineer, based in London. You can find him at his blog dhewy.dev and on twitter.com/DaveHewy

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