Todays tweaks

Today we have made several changes to areas of conflict on Street Crime.

  • Chase time has been increased to 30 minutes
  • Players can be attempted to be killed even when their turf is in transit
  • Prestige is now given for making successful kills
  • Prestige and honour are now correctly given for both Attack and Carbombs (tried and tested).
  • Attack attempts now show your overall damage points (the red badge in each log to the right)
  • Attacks will now attempt to destroy security in the order they can be built
  • Attacks will now allocate any remainding damage to pad security.
  • Damage incurred to your pad security will be shown at the pad security tab within your pad
  • Pad security & heavies now must be destroyed before any damage can be done to buildings
  • Damage reported to buildings when you destroy via carbomb will now not show 100% it will show the amount of damage handed by the attack, at all times
  • We’ve fixed spy turf reports, they will now always reflect the damage currently at the turf, when successful

Thats about it for todays fixes, we are monitoring closely this week our conflict features in the hope that we can improve them further from the data we collate. But today was a nice start and we hope you’ll agree.

Street Crime Staff

dave (Author)
Lead Developer of Street Crime & Full time professional engineer, based in London. You can find him at his blog and on

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