Halloween Competition V2

Last night we launched the first version of our halloween competition, it went reasonably well. What didn’t seem to go so well was the concept. In defending your 50 bags of sweets, we expected players to regularly fly and make themselves a difficult target. There was a bit of confusion over whether or not you would get the bags of sweets you stole rather than just stealing them and eating them from other players. The competition also had a few minor hiccups in it, which we’re ironed out during the competition.

We’ve decided that since it seems to make more sense, we’ll launch a V2 of the trick or treat competition tonight and in doing so change the way the competition works!

In tonights competition you will get +1 bags of sweets for every bag stolen and the players with the most bags of sweets at the end of the competition will win!

The competition will kick off at 16:00 game time TODAY and will go on until midnight on the 3rd. We’ve also decided to add some big prizes for the top 3 players of this competition. You can use the same link to view the competition from 16:00 today.

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