Recent development changes / bug exploitation

If you’ve been active on Street Crime lately you will have been hard pushed to not notice tweaks and changes we have been making and the actions we have taken on players exploiting bugs. We wanted to write this summary blog post to explain everything we have done and why it’s so important.

Tweaks and changes

  • We have re-structured the amount of energy possible from a combination of perks and premium membership to 12 every 3/mins (previously 24). We made this change to make ranking a little more challenging.
  • We completely re-coded our anti script protection. All core aspects of the game are now protected from simple scripts.
  • In our re-code of the anti script protection we also added a strike system. A strike is received for not entering an anti script check in a reasonable amount of attempts. If you receive the strike you will be automatically logged out and will need to re-login to continue playing. If you receive 3 strikes you will receive a weeks ban for suspicious scripting behaviour. You have been warned.
  • We added improvements and fixes to the crew invite and organised crime invite systems. Which had become a little corroded as we’ve moved through the versions. They now work just fine.
  • We added some niceties to our helpdesk ticketing system to speed up answering all of your tickets.
  • We worked on 3 new competitions (1 of which has already been and gone) but we still have 2 new ones coming. With the next one kicking off on saturday 15th.
  • We made various security improvements to alot of key pages.
  • We prepped and got ready the crew chat feature for release again next week.


As you’ll know if you have been playing we have swooped to cleanse Street Crime of some of it’s buggy accounts and players. Due to earlier glitches in the system some subtle but serious bugs went un-noticed. We worked hard to gather evidence and follow the breadcrumb trail until we found the perpetrators and the problems. A small list of bug fixes can be found below:

  • Script prevention on core aspects of the game
  • Higher than normal energy levels bug (super gangster)
  • Turfs not having correct amount of buildings on them
  • Players not having a location set
  • Airport script security
  • Redirections from protected pages now working
  • Valid referrals have been fixed

We hope you enjoy the tweaks and the fairer world it should leave behind. If you do find a bug or think something is not working quite right please do alert an admin, if we find that you have exploited a bug you will only have yourself to blame when your account is banned. In some cases we even offer rewards!!

Now that your all gearing up for the festive period and we are looking forward to seeing some super competitive competitions in the coming weeks!!!!

Dave (Author)
Dave is one of the directors and lead developers for Bytewire Limited. He spends most of his time working on Bytewires online game Street Crime. You can find him at his home here.

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