Halloween Competition Schedule 2022

Hello there, gangsters of Street Crime.

This Halloween, we will be celebrating with some traditional Street Crime competitions.

  • Trick or treat competition begins 20:00 28/10 and will run until 03:00 01/11.
  • A zombie slayer competition will kick off 30/10 until 01/11 23:59

Throughout the entire period, there will be 30% off all credit items, and the following unique items will be available at the shop.

  • Brain Slushy – Mega training at the gym gets those muscles pumping! Effective for 5 days.
  • Vampire Mugging – Enables you to steal much more cash from a mugging than normal! Effective for 5 days!
  • Warewolf Moonlight – No click limit. Effective for 5 days!
  • Bat Juice – Increases energy regeneration by 100% of your default energy amount! Effective for 5 days.

These are all time-limited special items that temporarily enhance your character’s abilities.

We hope you enjoy the festivities and can find some competition and fun in our Halloween festivities this year!

dave (Author)
Lead Developer of Street Crime & Full time professional engineer, based in London. You can find him at his blog dhewy.dev and on twitter.com/DaveHewy

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