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Top of the crop – Competition

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

As we promised in our last update we are now going to be running more frequent competitions. Our last competition, “The Distribution Game” went down pretty well and we’re happy that you all thought so too. For this week’s competition we took some inspiration from our topic in the forum called “Competition ideas”, if we choose your idea, we will reward you with 25 credits. This week’s competition idea was inspired by Marlo Stanfield #35724 who posted his idea in the forum topic, thank’s very much for your excellent contribution. So without further ado, we’d like to introduce to you this week’s competition.

Top Of The Crop

Top of the crop will run for 24 hour’s only and will be a test of both endurance, skill, and decision making, to win prizes you will need to appear in the top 10 of at least one of the categories below.

  • Most successful petty crimes
  • Most cash earnt through petty crimes
  • Most successful GTA’s
  • Most successful Job’s
  • Most cash earnt through Jobs
  • Most successful jail break’s
  • Most successful Organised Crimes
  • Most cash earnt through Organised Crimes
  • Most point’s trained at the gym
  • Most successful mugs
  • Most successful referral’s

*Note, Organised crimes will be on a shorter timer and OC reset timer’s, will be disabled for 24 hour’s while the competition run’s.

If you make it into one of the top 10 spot’s you will be eligible for a prize, if you make it into the top 3, your prize will be significantly better.

We also have one top prize, we repeat ONE top prize. The player that performs the best across all the categories in 24 hours will win a special prize on top of other prize’s they may have accumulated for finishing in the top 10 of any of the other categories.

When it will start & finish

The competition will run from midday Friday, 05/08/11 to the following day Saturday midday, 06/08/11 (24 hours only).

Good luck and don’t forget to spread the word.

New Competition – Government Crack Down

Friday, October 8th, 2010

At a recent summit of governments controlling street crimes individual capital cities, all countries were in agreement that crime rates in there capital cities were un-acceptable. They thus have devised a new strict crack down on all crime in these areas and are imposing restrictions on particular aspects of society to try and stump gangster like behaviour and hit gangsters where it hurts the most.

In a statement to the public, government officials mentioned a few areas they are going to be cracking down hard on – Jail processing, anti social gambling and through the roof interest rates. The rest they implied would be kept secret and under wraps until the time comes.

Over the next 10 days the police will start to roll out there plans in each city, as they do, gangsters of these cities should pay close attention to what they are doing.

Street Crimes News Team will be reporting special news flashes with further developments over the next 10 days.

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