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Gangsters of Street Crime we have some exciting news!

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Good morning gangsters of Street Crime, we’ve been a little quiet lately, but let your mind rest at ease its all with good reason! We’ve been very busy lately working on several massive additions to Street Crime and talking about how we can take the game forward and make it more exciting for you, our loyal Gangsters. We’ve now come up with a set of great new additions that you are going to see hit the streets of crime in the near future.

Our aim all along and one that we’ve just realised we need to push forward to achieve, is that we not only want to be a recognised Gangster game on the web! We want to be the bloody BEST gangster game on the web! So here we are pledging to you that over the next few months your in for some real and big treats as we push Street Crime forward!

Of course the question that you all want to know the answer to: when will Kill come out? Well we can tell you, very shortly. We don’t want to give an exact date away until we are 100% ready to go but what we can tell you is its all going really well and we think you’ll have some real fun when it comes out 😉

We’ve overhauled our shop facility so that it now includes a much more friendly payment system, merchandise, a price per credit identifier (so that you can weigh up the discount of buying more at once) and recurring memberships yay!

We’ve also decided to overhaul our membership features on Street Crime, although it will remain free to play, of course 🙂 we are making the games premium features more prominent and advantageous, whilst also adding the ability to buy different terms ie a 1 month code, 1 month recurring code, 3 month membership, or a 1 year membership. All offering a tidy discount for the longer your willing to become a member for! You will also notice when this goes live that we are changing the names of our codes from the current “Premium” & “Premium+” to “Premium” & “Elite”. Each offering positive and clear benefits from a free account and from one another! Again we don’t want to give too much away, but rest assured anyone with a premium or premium+ code will end up with the “Premium” status when the change is made.

Also we’ve been working hard on what we are now dubbing as Version 4.0 of Street Crime, which includes mobile support and a fancy new standard interface with the option to tone it down to a fully backwards compatible interface, which will help all you iPhone, iPad and all other mobile device players. The new interface includes a much more friendly general layout, intuitive menus and improved tutorial and sign up process for new players, to try and improve the initial experience of a new player in the hope that we might retain them.

We’ve also been making various tweaks behind the scenes as we gear the game up for hugely anticipated kill feature.

After our little stint of darkness and confusion we welcome you to Street Crime and the revolution, the next few months will be big ones for us and all of our players, its our promise!

Stay tuned

Street Crime Staff

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