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Game Updates

Monday, October 12th, 2009

Hi folks,

Two important updates really:-

Firstly the crew limit has been upped from 20 to 30 meaning there are now 10 new crew slots available.

Secondly today we had a meeting to discuss street crime with other developers and friends which was very, very productive. We discussed alot of aspects to do with the game in massive detail, the meeting went on for just over 2 hours! Solid game talk in which time we designed and structured improvements and brand new features for the game. We just thought we would let you know that you most certainly have not yet seen all thats to come with Street Crime. Also that we will always continue to develop and build street crime into a better place for us all, so please please keep all of your ideas coming in as some of them have been fabulous so far and we do listen to what you have to say unlike some other games. So if you have a great idea and it works for street crime then by telling us it, you could see it in the game in the very near future.

Street Crime Staff

Automated Script Prevention

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

To further prevent scripting we have added some nice little security measures to our anti script page. At random we will be showing different types of anti script checkers, using different methods of verification. We do not allow scripting and we want to make that very clear.

Street Crime Staff

Organised Crime Changes

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Today we have made some important changes to Organised Crimes please all read carefully.

All Organised Crimes have to be completed within 24 hours of being started otherwise they will be automatically dismantled. All members of the organised crime team will receive 90% of there investments back or if you are the driver you will receive your vehicle back. The leader of the team will receive nothing back and be jailed for 1 hour as punishment for his or hers lack of organisation and or going offline and leaving the rest of the team stuck.

If you are dropped from the team or the leader dismantles the team you will now also receive 90% of your investments back or if your are the driver, your vehicle back.

There is also one other important change to the Organised Crime when you tell the boss you are ready, if after 4 hours the leader has not completed the organised crime or the team is still not ready, you will have a new option to leave the team. If you choose to leave using this button then you will once again receive 90% of your investments back or if your are the driver, your vehicle back.

However if you choose to leave before you have even told the leader you are ready you will as before receive nothing back.

Street Crime Staff

Short Outage This Morning

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

This morning we had a planned very short outage of just over 10 minutes. This was to perform an upgrade on our server, we hope now the server will remain stable as can be.

Thanks for all your patience.
Street Crime Staff

First 3 Players Make Godfather

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Street Crime would like to congratulate the first 3 gangsters of version 3 on reaching the prestigious rank of Godfather. The first 3 gangsters were Casanova, Tyrasa and fat and ginga each of them has received a special Street Crime prize.

Look out for more competitions soon!

Street Crime Staff

Tonights Short Downtime

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

This evening between roughly 7.40 and 8.30pm gametime we had approximately 50 minutes of down time. We apologise for this. The issue is fixed and the server is now fully operational again so get your game back on!

Street Crime Staff

Welcome back to Street Crime V3

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

We’d like to say a warm welcome back to all of you gunning gangsters! We hope that your all enjoying the new scenery, features and gameplay hopefully you will all agree that it is hugely improved. We’d also like to take this opportunity to pledge to you even more new features and additions / upgrades to the game over the next few months. Our aim is to build street crime into not only a great game but also a great place to be!

To do this we need all your help, you can invite friends to the game using tons of different tools – facebook/twitter/hotmail contacts/ and taking the time to invite just one or two friends can really make the difference. Else you can vote for us daily on the voting topsites here vote page >>.
Just doing one of these things either daily or every now and again when you have the time can really help to make street crime grow and be a better place for us all!

We also love new ideas! If you have a new idea send a message to an admin.

In a few days we will also be announcing the drop schedule for the casinos and bullet factories, so watch out for more information on that.

Otherwise a warm welcome back to the game and thanks very much for signing up.
Good luck on the streets.
Street Crime Staff.

Street Crime v3 Progress

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

Hello guys and girls,

As many of you will know we have been working very hard on the new version of Street Crime (v3). The third installment of the game looks set to be the best yet. We have tons of new things to show you and a whole new interface which we think you’ll really like.

We have been rather quiet in the last few weeks as to how well our progress is going. So we thought we’d let you know…

In a week or so we shall be moving the new version into its closed beta phase, which will mean that a few people will play and test the game for us. This will last for 1 week and help us to remove any bugs from the game before the game is live.

Once the beta is finished we will be ready to announce a launch date, this will be approximately 1 week or during the week following the beta test.

We will of course announce the launch date in advance so you can all make sure your there.

Not only are there alot of changes and new features and on a whole much better game to check out, but weve also got alot of prizes to give away for helping us with numerous things.

Details of those will be announced at launch…but just to wet your appetite we will have some Xbox 360’s & PS3 up for grabs along with some great accessories, gadgets, street crime t-shirts, posters and alot more. This is to show our appreciation to you for helping us more than anything.

Well thats about all for now folks look out for some more regular updates in the coming weeks as we start to wind things up for the launch!

Stay Tuned!
The Admins

New Gangster Feature – Jobs

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Hi guys and girls,

A little reminder that we are working hard on the new version of Street Crime and we are making excellent progress. Theres not that much longer to wait!

Last week we added a brand new never seen before feature to Street Crime called Jobs. Jobs allows you to take small jobs on a fairly regular basis to earn small amounts of cash, loot and  various character building bonus’s like experience!

There are several bonus items surrounding this feature if you manage to achieve 100% mastery in every job available to you.

Its a fun and fulfilling feature which I think alot of you will really enjoy!

Stay tuned!

Street Crime Staff

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